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Merlin Elemental Connection Workshop

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Workshop date: 9 March 2020
Duration approximately: 2.5 hrs
Please note: Audio download available. There is no personal message available with this recording

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 9th March 2020.

This Full Moon in Virgo connects with the Earth sign and Merlin brings forward activations to help you connect more fully with the Earth Element and the Elemental Realms.

Alphedia Arara invites you to join her and Merlin the Celtic Wizard to harness the energies of the Super Full Moon in Virgo which occurred at 17:48 PM GMT on Monday 9th March 2020. He works with us in helping us understand the Earth’s Ascension plan and our role within it.

The energies of March are all about taking action and Merlin helps you clear any blocks to taking action in your life to aid you in fully aligning with Source energy. He works with activating you as Earth healers and also as Guardians, Co-workers and Ambassadors for Mother Earth.

Many are sent on to Earth as Earth Healers and yet forget this path, forget this role and this can bring in lethargy, tiredness fatigue as well as distraction. How many of you are feeling distracted by Third Dimensional reality by obstacles and by frustration at being unable to be, do and activate your soul’s heart expression?

Merlin is a powerful healer and he brings through Vortex Healing for you all as part of this transmission which is run by Auraegus Manu who is a Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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You also work with Merlin to create a Chart of Truth. Now this Chart of Truth is your opportunity to reconnect with your soul’s Truth Expression. Merlin is supporting us all in reawakening to the magical enchantment of the Earth Realm.

He is guiding us, if we wish to become part of his team of Earth Healers, in anchoring the overlay templates to support the energies that the Elementals require to stabilise their Elemental Grid on Earth.

  • In this workshop Alphedia channels Merlin live.
  • She allows you, through her energy frequency of embodying Merlin, to receive activations at a cellular level.
  • As with every Full Moon you have a self realisation exercise with Merlin to look at what is blocking you taking action as an Earth Healer and fulfilling your path at this time.
  • You receive a Merlin Ascension Sphere attunement
  • You go on a powerful guided meditation with Merlin channeled live in the Full Moon Energies
  • You receive a Merlin Vortex Group Healing from Auraengus Manu.
  • You also receive an activation to support you through this experience of working more closely with Mother Gaia.
  • Merlin also tells you your role for a particular Elemental group in the anchoring of the Elemental Grid on the Earth. This grid is also being upgraded through the new Earth template activation work.

Channeled Message from Merlin

Greetings, greetings, I am Merlin.

Merlin is a title, a name, given to great Magicians carrying the Earth energy code frequencies.

I have come forward at this Full Moon to offer you this activation workshop healing.

Many of you are resonating with the inner call of Gaia to step on to your Earth Healing path and role.

Many of you are being guided to align with your heart truths and this Full Moon in Virgo is a Super Moon, which means that the Moon energy is truly amplified.

You have the opportunity to really work with this energy to take action, not only on behalf of your own soul’s growth, but also in fulfilling your missions as Earth Healers.

Many of you are strongly connected with the Elemental Realms, you are remembering that you signed up to be of assistance with them and I will bring through, as a personal message for all, the Elemental group that your work is to be focussed on for the next three months.

The Earth Grid activation occurs at the Equinox and this gives you plenty of time to prepare holographically for this experience.

Many of you have worked with me in the past, many of you yourself are Magicians, many of you are here to deepen your connection with the Nature Guardians to explore the wonder of their Magical Realms.

The energy shifts have been tough, we recognise this, but this Moon eases in a more earthing, grounding experience for you all, smoothing out the path ahead for the next stage of this Wheel of Light returning.

I Merlin am very honoured indeed to have this opportunity to come forth and reconnect with you all this way. Adoni.”
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