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Merlin Vortex Healing Pre Solstice Energy Field Support

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Join Auraengus Manu and Alphedia Arara along with Merlin the Celtic Wizard for this powerful group healing.

Auraengus Manu is a trained Vortex Wizard in this lifetime and many others.

And Alphedia Arara has been channelling Merlin for over 10 years.

In this hours healing you will get to experience Merlin Vortex group healing along with Alphedia channeling Merlin live on the day.

Merlin is a powerful healer, alchemist and wizard.

In this Merlin group Vortex healing you will be taken into a deep soul state in order to help you integrate all the shifts that have been going on through the energy portals this year.

Merlin will work on your top most health issue or spiritual issue at this time.

This healing will take the form of an energy transmission with Auraengus channelling Merlin and guiding you through this powerful Vortex healing session.

At the start of the workshop Alphedia Arara will begin by channelling Merlin live.

To allow him to have a voice and to aid you in understanding, energetically what is going on through these gateways which are opening on Earth at the 12.12 portal and the 21st of December, the Solstice Point.

He will also explain to you any information he wishes to bring forward to the group collective.

Merlin Vortex group healing is a very powerful technique, it can work on addressing underlying physical health issues as well as removing spiritual blocks, Karmic knots and repairing any Divine webbing breakages.

Merlin will not only be performing Auric healing work upon you, but also physical energetic removal of any entities or any vibrations that are not conducive to your highest and best that are held within your matrix.

Vortex also works on overlaying the Divine Blueprints for organ function as well as recalibration into the highest frequencies for your soul at this time.

Auraengus Manu has offered group Vortex healings in retreats and Merlin workshops previously.

This is the first one offered for the collective,and that for many of you it will be your first experience of this most powerful healing modality.

For this healing it is recommended that you have a comfortable peaceful and sacred place to receive it.

Along with a blanket to keep you warm and plenty of fresh water to keep you hydrated.

As with all healing ( and indeed all life!) it is best to make sure you are well hydrated before the start.

This will be performed live on Vimeo video, with the recording and MP3 available after the event.

Channelled message from Merlin.

“Greetings, greetings dear ones it is an honour and joy for me to come forward.

I am able to see that many of your energy fields are rather frazzled by the frenectic-ness of the energy shifts that have occurred towards the Solstice Point.

The dismantle of the third dimensional grid is in full process now.

This means that the forces not working for humanities highest and best are throwing, shall we say their last Hoorah to try and bring you down into the fear matrix grid or to try and thwart you at this time.

Know that with my healing I will be placing within your energy field structures that will support your soul individually in holding the highest and best template and timeline for your self at this time.

This will be a deeply healing, nurturing and clearing session and will support you through the next two Gateways 12.12, the Full Moon and Solstice Point later this month.

Know that many of you have trained in this healing technique previously and many of you are members of the Merlin Circle or the Merlin Order.

It will be wonderful for us to all reconnect together once again in this session.

Blessed Be “

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

In order to get to the most of the experience if you chose to watch live, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Depending on your strength of broadband and WiFi signal, will depend on the quality of the experience live, best to be connected with laptop or computer with a wired network connection.

However the levels will all be adjusted and set perfectly for you in the MP3 audio files and the Video recording that will be available for download after processing..

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at [email protected]. & [email protected]

Technical issues: [email protected]

Auraengus Manu is a Healer, Homeopath, Gong Master, Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Soul and Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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