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Merlin Vortex Healing Upgrading the Collective Consciousness

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Saturday 15th January 2022

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Join Auraengus Manu and Alphedia Arara along with Merlin the Celtic Wizard for this powerful group healing.

Auraengus Manu is a trained Vortex Wizard in this lifetime and many others.

Alphedia Arara has been channelling Merlin for over 10 years.

In this hour's healing you will get to experience Merlin Vortex group healing along with Alphedia channeling Merlin live on the day of the recording.

Merlin is a powerful healer, alchemist and wizard.

In this Merlin group Vortex healing you will be taken into a deep soul state in order to help you deeply heal, integrating all the shifts that have been happening since the Solstice and receive an upgrade to the collective consciousness.

This upgrade will not only increase your psychic awareness, deepen your understanding of life on Earth but will aid you to more clearly see the path ahead for you.

Merlin will start with working on your top most health issue or spiritual issue at this time to remove blocks or limitations within your matrix.

He will then run the collective consciousness upgrade for us all.

This healing will take the form of an energy transmission with Auraengus channelling Merlin and guiding you through this powerful Vortex healing session.

At the start of the workshop Alphedia Arara will begin by channelling Merlin live so that Merlin can bring us wisdom for the year ahead.

He will also explain to you any information he wishes to bring forward to the group collective.

Merlin Vortex group healing is a very powerful technique, it can work on addressing underlying physical health issues as well as removing spiritual blocks, Karmic knots and repairing any Divine webbing breakages.

Merlin will not only be performing Auric healing work upon you, but also physical energetic removal of any entities or any vibrations that are not conducive to your highest and best that are held within your matrix.

Vortex also works on overlaying the Divine Blueprints for organ function as well as recalibration into the highest frequencies for your soul at this time.

Auraengus Manu has offered group Vortex healings in retreats and Merlin workshops previously.

This is the second one offered for the collective after we achieved the hundred monkeys healing effect in December 2021.

Merlin has decided to offer us monthly group healings so more people can benefit from his healing skills and wisdom.

For this healing it is recommended that you have a comfortable, peaceful and sacred place to receive it.

Along with a blanket to keep you warm and plenty of fresh water to keep you hydrated.

As with all healing ( and indeed all life!) it is best to make sure you are well hydrated before the start.

This was originally performed live on Vimeo , with the recording video and MP3 available now to download.

Channelled message from Merlin.

“Greetings, greetings dear ones. It is time for us to meet again!

What a powerful portal this New Year has brought through as you negotiate the shifts into the higher timeline after the Solstice Point.

The energies are intensifying on the Earth.

There was a Solar Codes download the week of the New Moon as the Sun and the Earth were at their closest point.

These solar light codes mean that your pineal glands received the higher Divine template activations, but they require to be switched on fully for those who feel conscious enough to receive them.

In this healing I will work on your energy fields as pioneers carrying the higher consciousness of humanity.

We will work on health issues and spiritual blocks to start you in this upgrading process.

Removing entities and any presenting ill health miasms.

Then I will take you on a journey to receive the Sacred Pearl of Truth Wisdom from deep in the Earth.

We will then work with the vortex healing to support you all in upgrading your consciousness to beyond the conditioned layers so you can see the truth of situations from the higher collective truth.

I look forward to supporting you all in this next upgrade for you all at this time.

I am Merlin.

The Wizard of the Earth.

Blessed Be”

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

In order to get to the most of the experience, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at [email protected] & [email protected]

Technical issues: [email protected]

Auraengus Manu is a Healer, Homeopath, Gong Master, Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Soul and Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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