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Merlin and the Dragons Summer Solstice Retreat

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Merlin offers you an energy upgrade as an alchemist and healer and initiates you into the Order of Merlin. The Dragon Realm help you prepare your energy fields for the new energies downloaded during this retreat. You are also given training in Merlin Vortex Healing. This is activated with Auraengus and includes an online session with him.

For those who were unable to attend the retreat, you are able to purchase the download and receive all of the recordings (similar to those taking part at the time distantly).

You receive a full recording of the retreat and also a one to one Skype, Zoom or FaceTime session with Auraengus to cover the Merlin Vortex Wheel activation that requires to be done individually.

The location was in the stunning Kilmichael Glen in Argyll in Western Scotland, very near the Kilmartin Stone Circle Complex which is the largest Megalithic site in the world.

Kilmartin Stone Circle

Merlin is a powerful Earth healer, alchemist and transformer magician. Many of you will have trained under Merlin at some point in your life and be carrying his Vortex within your heart centre. This Merlin Vortex is an incredibly powerful tool for healing.

Whether you have trained in Merlin Vortex in this lifetime or not, this is an opportunity for you to practice your Merlin Vortex work and/or be re awoken into this healing modality.

Auraengus is a long time member of the Order of Merlin and channels Merlin and assists and instructs you with your Merlin Vortex work.

Alphedia has channeled many Merlin workshops in the past and they have all been powerful.

The Dragons also help us activate the portals in Kilmartin Glen and at Dunadd Fort on the Solstice. Personal channeled messages are offered for all attendees.

This is an uplifting and life transforming Retreat for your soul.The retreat was held at a new spiritual centre in Kilmichael Glen set at a small holding with ducks, chickens and rare sheep.

Surrounded with forests, a river to meander along gave participants the opportunity to rest and revive, as they did their spiritual work in this lovely high energy location.


The whole retreat was channeled (so was open to change - depending on requirements and participants at the time!).

  • Alphedia Arara channeled live a Dragon workshop on the first afternoon of the retreat and the Dragons shared with participants their wisdom and healing powers.
  • Later on that day participants had their Merlin Vortex wheels activated and/or re awakened, and were instructed in and practiced Vortex healing with Auraengus and Merlin.
  • On the Second day, the day of the solstice we gathered at Sunrise and drummed in the longest day of the year connecting with the Fairies and Elementals.
  • We meditated after breakfast in the centre, then travelled to Kilmartin Glen and visited the sites, did Earth healing work, communicated with the Star Beings and activated any codes required with the crystal skulls.
  • In the evening we will did a Solstice Transmission Workshop and then had a fire to sing and drum around.
  • Participants also received Dragon skull healing and a Star Being Workshop on the night of the solstice.
  • The Third day of the retreat participants worked with Merlin preparing to be initiated into the Order of Merlin then find out their role in it and how to work with these new energies. The New Light was brought onto the Planet by Merlin on this day.

Alphedia is a powerful channel and her retreats always provides participants with the opportunity to receive personal messages, guidance and wisdom on their soul journey, as well as Earth healing work.

Channeled Message from Merlin

“Greetings I am so honoured and delighted to have this opportunity to call out to those with magical energy.

Many of the wizards and sorceresses trained in Earth Magic have been returning to Earth to assist with the alterations that are occurring in this great time of change.

Now that the energies build up to the Summer Solstice of 2017 I have decided that many souls are ready now, through the trainings and initiations in this and past life times, to become full ordained members of the Merlin Order.

Those who achieve this status within sorcery are then able to utilise energetic frequencies and manifestation spells to create a reality for the highest and best of humanity.

I will bring forth in this retreat much wisdom and practical application tools for healing.

I will be bringing through a new frequency onto Earth that has not been able to be accessed on Earth for ten thousand years.

Now as Gaia Mother Earth increases her vibratory rate, this allows this high alchemy light energy to be activated and initiated once again into those willing to step into the Order for once you make the commitment to be within the Order you cannot undo this in future lives.

Code of conduct as a soul will be agreed to and you require to be of high enough frequency light to access this energy portal space that is out with and within at the same time.

And the reason I will ask the dragons to come forward to assist with this is, to bring their transformational light energy to support the inner alchemical shifts that are required to occur within you to be able to embody this light.

Many of you have trained in Merlin Vortex before. Some of you have even been reinstated in this incarnation.

Those of you who are healers and carry the Vortex Wheel within your chest it is time for you to remember this and the skills, gifts and keys this allows you in your healing process.

As this is also the Summer Solstice myself and the dragons will work with you through the four different elements; Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The fifth being Ether.

We will perform magic by utilising the source energy of these elements.

This will bring you more into balance and harmony.

We will take you for an initiation within the Temple Wood stone circle at Kilmartin.

You will also receive downloads from the star beings using the stargate portals of the Kilmartin Stone circle complex that are ready to be activated again.

This retreat will take the form of guided meditations, attunements, a sacred ceremony, activations, soul healing and Earth healing.

I will work with you to activate the dormant codes of light that you as individual souls are each uniquely carrying.

This will allow you to strengthen your source connection.

It will allow you to ascend in your conscious thought and to have a deeper understanding of reality on the Earth.

We will set intentions for your healing journey for the year ahead and work with the Dragon magic to dissolve away the limitations your soul is ready to let go of.

Know that as we connect deeply to Mother Earth through this retreat a deeper level of compassion and understanding will open up within your heart centres.

It is also a time of celebration.

I will channel through personal messages and guidance as will the Dragon realm.

We will give thanks for all that Mother Earth offers you and for where you have got to at this point in your journey.

Know that if you feel the call of my energy you are being invited now.

The Earth requires more advanced healers and those who work with my energy become this.

What has gone before has led to now. Do not refer back but come together now to co-create this new reality of The New Dawn. Blessed Be.”
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