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Mermaids & Goddess Sulis Full Moon Workshop

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The Mermaids and Goddess Sulis bring through a healing for your emotional body and any mothering issues you may have.

Alphedia Arara channels the Mermaids, the Guardians of the Oceans, along with Goddess of the Sea, Sulis, in this September 2016's exciting Full Moon workshop.

This full moon in Pisces took place at 20.05 GMT.

  • Alphedia channels live to take you on a self realisation exercise to look at any mother issues you have with the Mother Goddess.
  • You will then be led on a healing channeled guided meditation with the dieties.

Channeled Message from the Mermaids

We are excited this full moon to be bringing you healing on your emotional body. As the moon is at its fullest in Pisces the water sign, its an excellent time to cleanse your emotional self.

Whether you struggle to handle your emotions, get over come by them or constantly suppress them, bringing them into balance will be powerfully healing for you.

You can manifest and heal from a place of balance more easily and we will work to purge you of any feelings of guilt, unworthiness and frustration as well as fear.

Great changes are happening on Mother Earth and whether or not you are conscious of this you are feeling this in your emotional bodies.

A lot of this is stemming from the energies and planetary alignments bringing up mothering issues.

Whether you are a mother, wish to be a mother or wish for a more balanced relationship with your own mother or indeed a clear communication with Mother Earth and her elemental guides, Goddess Sulis will assist by holding you in a mothering embrace to help you look deeply and heal any out of balance mothering issues.

She will align you with the archetypal Goddess Mother to help you re-establish your equilibrium in life.”
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