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Mermaids Full Moon Workshop

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The mermaids have a very soothing energy and offer to help us heal emotional problems and traumas from this life and past lives. They also bring through a healing for the Whales and Dolphins.

This full moon meditation lead by Alphedia Arara was with the beautiful energy of the mermaid realm.

The mermaids are the guardians of the seas, who look after whales, dolphins, sharks, fish and other marine creatures.

  • In the workshop Alphedia performs a live channeling from the mermaids, a mermaid group ascension sphere attunement, a self development exercise to help release emotional issues and a guided meditation with mermaid healing. Alphedia then channels through a healing visualisation for the whales and dolphins.

Channeled Message from the Mermaids

We mermaids are the guardians of the oceans, we are the female energy and we offer this full moon the opportunity to work with the feminine energies of the earth through the element of water.

Water is connected to human emotions and this full moon in Sagittarius will bring up emotional issues that require to be balanced, released and healed.

This moon, known as the Strawberry Moon in the northern hemisphere, brings with it a change in energy. You will notice that in this moon cycle there will be more of an energy of flow and this moon cycle allows you to create from the heart, it allows a cleansing and a purifying of the emotional body, allowing you to open up to the energies that are to imbue the earth this summer.

We mermaids offer you a mermaid healing to allow you to reset your emotional starting point; any painful or deeply buried emotions will be brought to the surface and released in a safe and healing environment.

You will be cleansed and able to step forward without the baggage that has held you back previously.

It is an opportunity for you to look at any emotional suppression which may be festering under the surface and if not dealt with, will manifest into ill health.

We will also work on clearing any past life or karmic emotional issues and through the mermaid attunement, we will activate codes into your DNA structure that are supportive for you to harness the new dawn high frequency light.

Currently, the DNA system of humanity is being overhauled. As you activate your 12 strands of DNA and higher, this summer provides you with the opportunity to open up to the 33 etheric chakras, allowing you to become closer to being a walking master on the earth plane.

This however, can bring great emotional turmoil unless you are balanced emotionally and the work we will do at the full moon will see you in good stead for the remaining part of the year.

We mermaids shower you with divine love and blessings, and we ask that the healing for the marine mammals, the whales and the dolphins and the other beautiful creatures be performed also.

It is an honour and a privilege to work with those who are ready at this time.“
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