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Messages From Natures Guardians

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Enjoy Alphedia's first book published in her maiden name about her journey to spiritual awakening through starting to see and hear the environmental messages of the Elemental Beings.

All books are signed by Alphedia if purchased from our website.

It is a book about inter realm communications between the Elemental, Angelic and Human realms, providing a unique insight into our current environmental dilemma. The reader is led along Alphedia’s spiritual journey in discovering the existence of the nature guardians with the help of Goddesses and Ascended Masters, as her sixth sense opens up allowing her to hear their important environmental messages about the state of the planet at this time.

In the book we travel with her through magical Scotland, meeting the different nature guardians, finding out about how to connect with them, where they dwell and how no matter where you are in the world, you can access their ancient healing powers and wisdom to help you in your life. The book includes full colour artwork and invocations to help you connect with the different beings.

Messages from Nature's Guardians was the start of the creation of Elemental Beings business and the feature of an hour long documentary on Sky TV in 2010.

The environmental messages and invocations are still relevant today and the glorious full colour artwork is a real treat to meditate with to deepen your connect to the Elementals, Angels and Ascended Masters. A lot of the artwork was original channelled for the book.

Only available in print format.

5 Star Reviews in UK magazines Kindred Spirit Magazine and Spirit and Destiny Magazine.

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