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Metal Dragons Workshop

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The Metal Dragons explain the different healing properties of each metal and how they can assist humanity at this time. Access codes from the different metals; primarily gold, silver, iron, copper and lead. Receive knowledge from these metals, as well as healing.

In this workshop Dragon channel Alphedia Arara connects you with the realm of the Metal Dragons.

These Dragons are ready to work with lightworkers to assist with centering and rooting our energy so we can access sacred ancient knowledge and healing from the earth.

They guard the precious metal deposits of earth and teach us how to receive healing support for our mission and physical bodies from the metals.

  • Alphedia channels live from the metal dragons and takes you on a guided chakra clearing and healing meditation.
  • She facilitates spiritual teachings and exercises from them to aid your soul growth through working with the metal types and grounding deep into the earth.
  • You receive an attunement in the ascension spheres to allow them to work directly on your energy field.
  • You are also taken on a guided meditation to meet the metal dragons and receive a group healing from them; collecting wisdom from deep in the earth visualisation with the metal dragons who guard the Gold deposits deep in the earth.

The dragons transform you from your current state of being to the next stage of where you wish to be at, aiding in clearing the blocks to achieving a higher state of conscious awareness.

Channeled Message from the Metal Dragons

“We Dragons of Metal come forward to bring through wisdom from deep within the earth’s crust. We connect to all who wear metal and work with metal.We are the elemental guardians of the metal energy on the planet, and planet earth is heavy with metal vibration; it makes you unique in your solar system.

We guardians of metal guard the gold vibration, for this is the most sought after vibration and through the gold vibration humanity is able to access frequencies that would be unobtainable otherwise.

The vibration of gold is pure and amplifies the connection to the divine source. We guardians of the metal are ready now to assist humans in their own internal alchemy, and using the energies of metals to assist you in your soul’s evolution.

In this workshop we teach about the different vibrational keys you can access from the different metals and we will also work with you on grounding and help you to anchor deeper into the earth, and to collect ancient wisdom that is stored deep within mother earth.

When you as souls are grounded yet connected to Divine source, your clairvoyance opens more fully, as does your strength and vitality, as you are able to feel more connected to all and you are able to feel more alive and centered. In this workshop we will be centering your energies and guiding you on the next stage of your spiritual journey and work as incarnate dragons initiates.

Now is the time as higher frequency light is descending onto the planet for you to anchor your roots deep into the earth. Until you have experienced a true, deep connection with the earth, you are unable to know how blissful this state of being is.

You will be able to access codes from the different metals that we work with, which primarily will be gold, silver, iron, copper and lead in this workshop, and you will be able to receive knowledge from these metals, as well as healing.

We explain to you the different healing properties of each metal and how they can assist humanity at this time.

We are delighted to be getting this opportunity to be able to work through the Dragon Wisdom School to bring through our knowledge now and those who join us are ready for this next stage of their journey to begin.”
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