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Metatron Catastrophe New Moon Transmission and Gong

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Archangel Metatron and Archangel Shekinah lead you on a powerful and important channeled guided meditation to free you from the catastrophe vibration and to support your Ascension process as a soul on Earth.

This transmission was channeled by Alphedia Arara and Auraengus on 7th November 201.

Free yourselves from the catastrophe codes and shock that was imprinted into the humanity consciousness at the fall of Atlantis.

Alphedia starts the transmission with an invocation given by Metatron, known as the Angel of Ascension, to help us be free of our conditioning that holds us in fear, anxiety and stress.

These are a result of the catastrophe codes that we took on which imprinted that 'disaster is just around the corner'. The more we move into the unity and oneness consciousness with our Divine Creator, the less hold these vibrations can have on us.

  • In the meditation Metatron invites us to travel with our light merkabas to his nearly created 8th dimensional Ascension Temple located over Mount Shasta in California, USA.
  • Located on this powerful vortex spot on Earth we are greeted by two radiant Angels of Light in front of the Temple doors made from Mount Shasta Opal.
  • They place a quartz crystal obelisk in the centre of your forehead, activating the pineal gland.
  • Then, when your energy is high enough vibration the doors open for you to enter. You are greeted by Metatron who is sitting on a golden Ascension Throne.
  • He invites you to sit on one opposite him and then the angels start to heal you with the golden elixir from the fountains beside him. These contain the Christ Consciousness Ascension Codes And start to heal the Holy Child within you.
  • He works on starting the process of bringing in the Trinity Consciousness Codes to help your ascension.
  • Beautiful Archangel Shekinah then appears and begins her healing work on you to remove the catastrophe morphic field imprint on you.
  • Metatron then takes you to the 8th dimensional sacred geometry cube!
  • He uses his cube to clear your energy of off world interference and then starts to clear you further of the catastrophe imprint and how it has affected your life.
  • You then receive gifts from the angels including a ring from Metatron which indicates which chakra to focus on as you redo the transmission in the future.

Alphedia tones and playing the sacred instruments to enhance your healing journey.

Auraengus then channels Metatron to give you a fifteen minute Universal Gong healing sound bath to further augment the transformation process of the New Moon and to remove any stuck energy and vibration blocks ready to release for you.

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