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Metatron and Divine Source Energy Meditation

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Alphedia Arara brings through this Meditation with Archangel Metatron and the 12th Dimensional Angels of Conscious Light in a powerful and extremely high vibration rebalancing of our energy systems and in particular the Root Chakra.

Alphedia uses voice and the fabulous Tibetan bowls and drums to facilitate this meditation.

Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron

Greetings Greetings, my name is Archangel Metatron and I come forth to offer you this powerful healing meditation journey.

In this meditation I wish to take you back to Source energy. Source energy is the purest energy and yet many of you have forgotten what the Source energy in you feels like.

To return to Source is what you on the Ascension Journey are ultimately seeking yet this must be done in stages.

It has been decreed by Divine Source that by connecting, even if only briefly, momentarily, to the purity of the Source energy within you, this will catapult you forward with greater ease on your Ascension Journey.

For you will then remember the resonance, the vibration you are seeking as a soul to return to. This is a journey you are all on. For in this journey you are to fulfil experiences, tasks roles.

The intensity of the light Mother Earth is generating is causing some of you to feel disorientated, disempowered, disengaged, fearful or even pain at this time.I wish to work with the Angels of Conscious Light.

These are a vibration of Angels that resonate at the Twelfth Dimension. As you connect with their energy in our Temple of Light you will receive Utter Bliss vibration.

They will work on you to remove any blocks that are stopping you achieving your fullest and highest soul purpose at this point in time. I will work with them using Sacred Geometry to recalibrate your Light Merkaba as well as balance your Root Chakra.

For it is the Root Chakra many of you are feeling wobbles within at this point. Now Mother Earths’ Golden Merkaba has been activated she is vibrating at higher frequency consciousness akin to the Christed Light.

You have the opportunity now to access the Christ Light Codes at a higher conscious level and what they mean for you as a soul, your soul group, and your monadic group.

In this meditation we will transmit through these higher light codes from the Twelfth Dimensional Angels.

They will bring you the stability you are requiring energetically within your holographic matrix at this point in time. And from this point forth Gaia is only going to increase her light energy.

These structures are placed within your Root Chakra, you will see and feel yourself more rooted to the Earth Plane. Which is what is require for your mental, emotional and physical body to cope with the change thats coming as you move further into unity consciousness and oneness.

This will be a powerful healing meditation that will allow you to come back into centre and having a deeper knowing of who you are and your path ahead.

Tis a great privilege always. Namaste”
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