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Mookite Dragon Skull 4"

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This is a loving Earth Dragon here to work with a shaman or one connected with Earth Wisdom. This mookite dragon is called Metana and is a wealth of ancient knowledge that is ready to be returned to the consciousness on Earth.

Crystal Properties

This stunning mookite jasper exhibits soft banded layers of red, brown and yellow earthy tones found exclusively in Australia. This is the stone of the Earth. It helps one tune into the tulleric energies of the Earth and leylines. It allows access to the inner Earth Wisdom of the first nations and the land guardians. Great for those practicing animal communication.It stabilises the lower chakras and stimulates the immune system, bringing a soothing roundedness to upsetting or nervous situations. The clarity of this stone allows spiritual experiences to be integrated into everyday life in a calm and practical way.


Length: 10 cm

Height: 6 cm

Width: 6 cm

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Guided meditation to connect with your Dragon Skull included

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