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Mother Earth Kundalini Awakening

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Alphedia Arara and Kwali Kumara bring this workshop together to work with the Serpent energy and awaken the Kundalini Energies within.

In 2012 a secret and sacred energy event occurred deep within Mother Earth which changed everything in the Earth trajectory. This event occurs every 13,000 years and the knowledge of it has been held and honoured by the First Nation people’s of Earth. This event is the movement of the Earth’s Kundalini, a powerful serpentine energy that undulates through the Earth to find its new location to retreat and reside for the next 13000 years. This movement directly facilitates the great spiritual awakening for the next stage of humanity.

This latest shift brought the Kundalini of the Earth from high in the Himalayas down into the southern hemisphere, residing high in the Andes of Chile and Peru. Whenever this great event occurs on Earth it brings new spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and truths to the new location. When it previously resided in the heights of the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, many spiritual seekers would go there to become enlightened. It is believed that the Earth’s Kundalini connects from within the heart core of Mother Gaia, weaving the Anahata wisdom up to the surface from this location and out into the hearts of all.

In 2011, former Atlantean High Priestesses Alphedia Arara and Serpent Healer Kwali Kumara were asked to create the workshop ‘Crystal Skulls and the Serpents of Wisdom’ to help facilitate the final stages of the kundalini activation in its new location in the height of the Andes prior to the 2012 Awakening. Nine Years later Mother Earth has requested them to join forces again. This time to work with the healing serpents of the Earth in conjunction with the Crystal Skull consciousness, to assist with the anchoring of the higher heart light codes being reactivated and switched on at this time.

As the New Earth templates start to merge and take form they realign us all. Together we celebrate the start of the Lion’s Gate opening, an astrological event that occurs every year, heralding in the Galactic New Year Codes. The Mayans whose plumed serpent God Quetzalcoatl was responsible for creating Meso-American civilisation and the Mayan calendar considered July 26th as the Galactic New Year and was called the ‘Heliacal rising of Sirius’. The ancient Egyptians also honoured this date for the same reason. It is the time when Sirius rises in the morning sky right next to the Sun and is the optimum time for the Diamond Light Codes that carry the new templates to be amplified by Sirius as they are integrated into the Earth planetary time cycles.

Alphedia Arara and Kwali Kumara join together to facilitate this powerful workshop, to help prepare you to be able to receive the enlightened energies and access your innate healing powers that are currently being amplified and permeating from the Serpent of Light. It also prepares you for later in the year when the Earth’s Kundalini will be calling for more support as she completes her next phase of transformation.

  • In this course, Alphedia comes forward with her channelling abilities of Mother Gaia for you to learn more about the Earth’s Kundalini.
  • You will go on a sacred breathwork journey using ancient kundalini meditations with Kwali Kumara to activate your primal serpent to awaken.
  • You will start the activation connecting with your own inner kundalini snake that resides deep within the root chakra. If you have not yet done any kundalini activation work before this will truly propel you forward on your quest for love, health, happiness, abundance and above all a deeper connection with Mother Gaia, Great Spirit and the Natural World.
  • You will receive a Kundalini Earth Ascension Sphere Attunement so that you can start to remember and reactivate the dormant knowledge of this powerful life force energy deep within you and the core of the Earth. This may spark a remembrance, as this energy would have been revered and harnessed during Lemurian and Atlantean times.
  • Alphedia works with two Peruvian Crystal Skulls, one of which has twice been to Peru, high up in the Andes, after the Kundalini of the Earth shifted. This skull will download knowledge that will be pertinent for your own soul growth moving forward. You will also meet her Peruvian Smokey quartz crystal skull which was mined and carved in Peru.
  • As well as deep crystal skull attunements, you will go on a channelled meditation led by Mother Gaia to help you activate and harness more of the kundalini life force energy within you.

Kwali Kumara teaches powerful serpent wisdom and kundalini yoga meditations through mantra to increase your life force energy and to clear out any stuck, fearful, unharmonious lower frequencies that may be holding you back from shining your light and reaching full potential. In the culmination of this workshop, we are blessed by the beautiful presence of Kumara aka Kumiquetzalcoatl, a 9 stone Burmese albino python, whom Kwali rescued and became guardian of in July 2010. Kwali teaches you about the role of serpents on planet Earth and helps us to understand and deepen our connection with them through a sacred serpent ceremony which will further enhance your kundalini life force awakening.

Channelled message from Mother Gaia

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am the consciousness of Mother Gaia.It is a delight and a joy to come forward to take you on this next stage of your soul awakening as light workers and most importantly earth healers. In order to amplify your earth healing work it is important you start to work with the kundalini life force energies, to activate them within yourself but also to assist with the strengthening of my Earth Kundalini and supporting others in the accessing of the Codes, of the Consciousness, of the Wisdom.Now this is wisdom that you have held deep within your souls as priests and priestesses of the past.

I am going to help you facilitate remembering the knowledge, remembering the life force that is deep within me, that is deep within you, that is deep within all.I will bring forward a series of workshops which will not only fast track your conscious awakening through the heart, your remembering of the inner truths, but you will be facilitating this movement into the Aquarian Age with greater ease.It will allow you all the opportunity for soul ascension faster when you are allowing more life force energy to rise through your meridian pathways. This will boost your immunity as well as your conscious connection to my inner whisperings.

The more of humanity that holds the understanding of my truths, the more of you that will ascend through this life experience. So it is a great honour, privilege and joy for me to facilitate this experience. For I am excited so many of you are ready but I will build you up gently to be able to hold the knowledge and the light.But please know dear ones it will feel like coming home, it will feel a relief that your soul has reconnected, remembered and is ready, excited for the next stage. Namaste.”

Throughout this course you will experience sound healing from sacred instruments and be held in a powerful sacred space to honour your own inner transformation through your reconnect to the Earth’s kundalini life force.

Please note that this course is catered for all levels of spiritual development and no previous experience of breath work is required for the kundalini meditations, you will be taught everything during the workshop to support your reawakening sacred journey.

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