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Mother Earth Solstice Meditation

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This meditation will take you on a journey to connect with Mother Earth's beautiful heart energy and the four different element aspects of her, which are also in you.

To celebrate the longest day of the year the Summer Solstice in 2017, the Celtic Sabbath Litha, Alphedia Arara channels a guided meditation from Mother Earth.

So, journey with the Dolphins and Whales in the Indian ocean, soar high with the Dragons at the top of a volcanic caldera, sink deep into the forests with the Elves and float freely in the sky with the Sylphs.

In this meditation you will meet the crystal which can support your journey most at this time.

Open your heart to receive the love of Mother Earth and a personal gift of wisdom from her also.

Allow yourself this opportunity to manifest your wishes and relax with the sound of the Tibetan singing bowls, the drum, percussion and the crystalline frequencies of the crystal singing bowl.

Whether you choose to enjoy this meditation outdoors in nature or in your won sacred space, wherever that is, this meditation will help you to access and feel the love and support of Mother Earth.

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