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Mother Mary Full Moon Workshop

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Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, steps forward to assist you in experiencing vibrations of compassion and Divine love in your life at this time.

Mother Mary also known as Mary Anna was a powerful Essenes initiate. She was renowned for her healing gifts of compassion and divine love. This was the third and last super-moon of 2017 and took place in the star sign of Gemini at 12.05am on the 14th December GMT.

Through the vibration of compassion, we can heal all situations yet many of us do not have the Divine perspective on this vibration. Many of us struggle to hold compassion for ourselves and Mother Mary works to unprogramme you from self-judgement.

  • The workshop includes a live channeled message from Mother Mary, a group attunement with the ascension spheres to her healing vibration and a self-realisation exercise to look at what is stopping you experiencing Divine love in all aspects of your life. You then go on a channeled meditation to receive healing from Mother Mary.

Channeled Message from Mother Mary

Greetings Beloved Ones of the Light, I wish to shower you all with my Divine Love and Blessings.

I work now as an Ascended Master aiding souls in reconnecting to divine love, compassion and truth. This Moon’s energy in Gemini, supports you in healing the shadow aspect of the self. The part of you that is unable or unwilling to see the Divine Love in every part, aspect and action of yourself.

This moon will aid you in filling up with the powerful energy of love. For when you manifest from a place of love you create a powerful forcefield of energy wither you are working on self-healing, global healing or galactic healing.

The initiation I am to perform with you is an ancient sacred one taught in the Temples of Atlantis and then also Egypt. The wisdom was held by the great Goddess Bast and she will come forth and support me in bringing through this healing transmission for you.

We will be unlocking conditioning that has been placed upon you about loving and receiving love, de-activating conditioning that has caused you to make judgements of yourself and others and bringing through a high frequency purple gold light.

This light is known as The Maha Chohan Ray Four. This fourth ray has been upgraded since the 2012 shift and I am now overseeing this Ray of light.

Through running this ray through your chakra system, I will be altering your energy signature and holding a space through a crystal grid to allow you to experience unconditional bliss as you are held in Divine Love.

Many of you filter love through veils and this healing will start to unravel these veils so that you can move more into the ecstatic state of true Divine love. This will be a powerful initiation.

It will help you reset your energetic frequency for what is to come in 2017 when more light and love floods the planet.

For you must have an energy system that is able to accept the love, returning more to the Lemurian truth energies.

I call you all forth to receive these gifts. It is a privilege.Namaste.”
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