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Moving Beyond Limitations with Archangels Raphael & Zadkiel Meditation

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"We wish to work on your DNA patterning to free you from resistance that is stopping you fully embodying the true Divine Light within all of your being.”

This month the powerful healing Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel of the Violet Flame came forth to bring forward a healing transmission to assist our souls in moving beyond limitations.

When we incarnate onto Earth, we’ve all been born through different veils of illusion. We are carrying different karmic patternings, ancestral baggage and conditioned realities.

In this healing meditation the archangels wish to assist in moving out of any limitations you have placed on your own soul’s self growth and development or you have allowed others to place upon you.

Often we are unaware of the morphic grids we are trapped within, which are holding us back on a subconscious level.

The angels say most lightworkers are unable to see the full greatness of the reality of who they are and this limits our spiritual progression.

As always, Alphedia Arara not only channels the words of the Angels but supports your healing journey through channeling the Tibetan singing bowls, the crystal pyramid, crystal singing bowls, percussion and voice toning.

This is a meditation to help you further with soul liberation.

Many souls on Earth at this time are struggling because the old paradigm matrix is starting to dismantle and the limitations stop them, being unable to see the next matrix upgrades.

Channeled Message from Archangel Zadkiel and Raphael

“I am Archangel Zadkiel. I am known as the Angel of Transformation.

I am joined by my friend Raphael, the Angel of Healing, and together we offer to support you through an hours healing transmission on a deep cellular level.

We wish to work on your DNA patterning to free you from resistance that is stopping you fully embodying the true Divine Light within all of your being.

The limitations within Humanity are lessening now and after the Solstice in June 2019, there will be a catalysing effect of bringing down the new higher Diamond Light Code frequencies.

But in order to prepare you for this available transmission, you require to be deprogrammed from any limitations that are being imposed within yourself and your Monadic group structure.

For the monadic group structure is changing. You are all starting to awaken and remember the power of the 144.

It is time now to choose soul freedom. It is time now to set fully into your soul freedom.

And it is time now to release yourself from the limitations in consciousness.

These limitations in consciousness have been imposed upon you by your return as a soul onto this planet Earth.

For many of you, you have had to dampen your consciousness in order to come forth on Earth and to awaken you all.

This next stage of the Ascension offers you the opportunity to access 12th Dimensional Consciousness which will be accessible in the full 5d matrix of Gaia, which reactivates again at the Summer Solstice of this year.

For many of you, this is why your soul has returned to Earth and we wish to help you to move out of the way the limitations within your consciousness that are affecting your Earth walk reality.

Do you believe in the power of instant manifestation?

Few of you can honestly answer 100% yes to this, but this is the place we are moving you to, this place of Soul Sovereignty as the Royal Codes of the star seeds through the Royal Blue Ray start to reawaken within you.

And it is these Royalty codes that many of you have forgotten and are ready to reawaken now.

In this meditation, we will take you to our healing temple. We will start to work on the deactivation of the veils of illusion within the DNA.

We will start to switch on the 12 DNA strands for those who have not yet fully completed that initiation. And we will start to work on your movement into this place of full soul sovereignty.

This is a journey and process that many of you are clambering forth on Earth to experience, ready to reawaken the dormant codexes of light that are within you.

So particularly for those who are struggling with the ascension process through tiredness, overwhelm, physical ailments, mental ailments, emotional pain, tiredness spiritual fatigue, you have reached the limitation of your matrix capacity at this point.

Many of the rest of you who are still bounding forward with glee and joy, have expanded your matrix and are ready for the unlimited possibilities that this next period up to the Eclipse in July and beyond offers you.

We come in service in our deactivation and transformation work.

We come to nurture those who are struggling with the old paradigm collapsing, and feeling unsafe on this Earth walk journey.

Know that this transmission will offer your souls full liberation should you choose that path and we are very honoured to offer you this opportunity now.

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