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Nature Spirit & Earth Healing Retreat Scarborough

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This retreat was called to re-establish fully the Elemental Grid around Earth. The Elemental Grid is the matrix that holds the elemental energy on the planet. As Atlantis declined in energy vibration many of the Elementals left Earth to return to the inner planes.

Nature Spirit Author and Channel Alphedia Arara of Elemental Beings hosted a wonderful weekend retreat on the beautiful north England coast in Scarborough in 2016.

On the weekend retreat participants were connected to the Fairies, Elementals and Nature Spirits and partook in Earth Healing with the crystal skulls. Participants aided the setting up of energetic Elemental Temples and establish a deeper connection with the Nature Spirit realm.

Now as the energy rises again on Earth the Elementals are calling out to Lightworkers to help them reestablish and activate fully the Elemental Grid to bring balance and harmony back to the environment on Earth.

The re-establishment of this full Grid allows humanity to awaken more fully to the vibration of the Green Ray, the importance of the role of the Elementals and Nature Spirits and bring a recalibration of balance between the human and the elemental realms.

  • Alphedia channels live powerful meditations to open your chakras, to participate in your own healing with the green ray of nature, to connect you deeply to your personal guardian elementals to aid you in finding out your missions for assisting Mother Earth at this time and roles in the establishment of the Elemental Grid. This was predetermined before your incarnation.
  • Participants are taken on Ascension Sphere attunements, guided meditations, vizualisations to prepare you for your personal role and receive a personal channeled message for Alphedia to aid you in remembering your mission. Alphedia channels the codes that you as a soul require to have reestablished within you and what your work for the Elementals is in this incarnation.
  • Alphedia worked with attendees to clear their blocks to clearer communication with the nature spirits and worked with aura sprays and homeopathic vibrational essences to aid them with grounding and hearing Mother Earth’s call more easily.
  • Work with the sea god Poseidon and the sea Goddess Sedna and the Mermaid realm to bring onto Earth a new ray that was last present in Atlantis before the energy dropped too low. This new ray that participants anchor into their bodies allows them to project healing to the oceans, seas and sea creatures. It stablises your emotional body and connects you with the dolphin realm wisdom.

The retreat also involved healings in the stunning Peasholm Park and the North Beach at Scarborough.

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