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Nature Walk with Great God Pan

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Nature Walk God Pan Beltane workshop

1.15pm - 1.45pm BST LIVE on Vimeo Video

Thursday 5th May 2022

On Location with Alphedia Arara

£30 in UK inc Vat, £25 International (this price will go up on Saturday 7th May to £30)

Part of this workshop is prerecorded also

Alphedia Arara author of "Messages of Nature's Guardians" invites you to download this course she channelled from Pan the Great God of Nature during Beltane 2022.

Pan has been one of the main guides for Alphedia since she started to hear and meet Nature Spirits in 2005.

During a walk in Crarae Himalayan Garden in Argyll on 3rd May Pan appeared and walked through the gardens with Alphedia and Auraengus Manu.

Sharing his wisdom on humanities progression as a race at this time on Earth and downloading information he wished to share.

In this workshop you are invited to take a walk with Pan to have your own experiences and his wisdom.

This can do done at your leisure, where ever or when ever you wish, to experience his energy.

This is primarily an audio workshop with a LIVE video recording on Astrological Beltane 2022 in Alphedia's woods in Merlindale.

This is live on Vimeo for those who wish to join at the astrological Beltane moment for drumming with Pan in the woods. (5 May 22 at 1.15 pm BST, start of Video)

The workshop includes a channeling from Pan the Greek Great God of Nature explaining why he wishes to join you on your nature walks and even in your gardens.

Pan is an intermediacy between humans and the Nature Spirit Realms.

You will receive an invocation to say to invoke Pan's presence around you when you are in nature.

Learn about deepening your connection with Nature through Pan's Grounding ritual.

Balancing the elements in your body through commandments channelled by Pan

Opening up your elemental chakra to commune easier with the Nature Guardians.

Channelled Meditation with Pan to connect strongly with his energy field so you can experience his energy more strongly when you are out in nature.

Learn about your own personal crystal of nature communication that works best for you.

Live Drumming in the woods on Video at the Beltane moment which signifies the start of Summer in the northern hemisphere.

During this session we will harness Mother Earth's energy.

Offer our blessings and call in the Nature Spirit Realms into our lives.

It will be an opportunity to drum with Pan yourself at home or in your sacred nature spot.

Or just to journey with him and the Elementals at the Beltane moment, calling in what you wish to receive at this point in your Earth walk.

In the Southern hemisphere it will be start of Winter, the Samhain Sabbat. Connecting with nature is Winter is a very powerful experience too.

Photo taken at the Fairy Pools water falls on Isle of Skye at midsummer 2019 after invoking the nature spirits. A rainbow appeared!

Channelled messages from Pan:

Greetings I am the Great God Pan as always it is an honour to speak through this channel!

I am delighted to be able to offer you the experience of nature walks with me.

As you rise in consciousness you remember your guides in the spiritual realms.

You remember your path as Earth healers, stabilisers and your brethren in the Fae and Elemental Realms and that we are here to support you.

I offer to accompany conscious walks in nature for you to experience greater connect within and with the unseen nature realms.

To feel yourself as part of the elements all around and to aid you in meeting nature spirits and guides in the field so to speak rather than just in meditation.

To allow you to have spontaneous other worldly experiences which will bring joy to your soul.

Sighting of animals, beautiful scents, elemental encounters and magical energy experiences.

As the Lemurian light portal opens fully at the Beltane point this year you have the opportunity to return, as a race, to living in heart connection with all the energies around.

Developing a more sensitive awareness of the subtle energies around.

Blessed Be”

Please note if you wish to attend the Beltane drumming in the woods please email [email protected] to arrange parking in Glenholm and give a mobile number.

Live workshop will be 13.15-13.45pm Thursday 5th May 2022.

A vimeo video live will be sent to you along with the workshop recordings to listen too. Please note you don’t have to have listed to the recordings to join the live video but it is recommended if possible.

Workshop format

Part pre recorded workshop and live Video workshop.

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

Be kind to yourself after, make space for the changes in your body and energy field.

In order to get to the most of the experience if you chose to watch live, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Use the Vimeo app on phone or preferably desktop, enable chat before you log on.

The quality of the experience live will depend on the strength of your broadband and WiFi signal. It is

best to be connected with laptop or computer with a wired network connection.

However the levels will all be adjusted and set perfectly for you in the MP3 transmission that will be available for download afterwards.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at [email protected]

Technical issues: [email protected] or +447799963882

Auraengus Manu is a Healer, Homeopath, Gong Master, Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Soul and Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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