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New Earth Dragons : Abundance Codes Transmission

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Fifth and final in this Series of the New Earth Dragon SOS

3.00pm - 4.30 pm BST

Saturday the 7th of August 2021.

Live on Vimeo (or download after) from Glenholm, Merlindale

Cost is £25 (UK £30 inc Vat)

Alphedia Arara founder of the Dragon Wisdom School is bringing forward the 5th instalment of the New Earth Dragon SOS series.

This will be held on the astrological Lamas Portal.

In this transmission we will be doing the final birthing of the New Earth Dragons.

They are bringing through Abundance Codes.

These New Earth Abundance Dragons are coming up through the portal at Mt Sinai to shed their golden abundance down through the Ley Lines of the Earth.

The New Earth Template is about this movement out of lack and now into abundance.

Out of sorrow, sadness and fear into joy, happiness and light.

Many souls, Dragon Keepers, Earth Keepers, carry the codes to unlocking the land.

The New Earth Abundance Dragons will funnel this frequency through the Ley line structure network of the Earth.

This will cumulate with the full activation of the chakras of the Earth and the anchoring in to the Earth of the abundance frequencies.

So that humanity can create new ideas for sustainment on the Planet.

So that humanity can remember that all is abundance and they are able to call the abundance frequency into being.

This is a great opportunity for us, not only to do our earth healing, but for those in particular who struggle to bring abundance into their life.

Those who feel their are blocked in this area, can move into greater abundance.

In this transmission:

Alphedia will channel live the New Earth Abundance Dragons.

You will have a New Earth Abundance Dragon Ascension Sphere attunement.

Then be taken on the powerful New Earth Dragon transmission,

Culminating with a Crystal Dragon Skull healing from Anka who is a Scottish Serpentine Abundance Dragon.

Channeling from the New Earth Dragons

" We are delighted that the time has come for the Abundance Codes of the New Earth to be activated into the land and the human matrix once again.

Abundance is not for the few but for the many.

It is a frequency of happiness and wealth.

It is a natural birth right state to be provided for by the universe.

Know we New Earth Abundance Dragons are here for you all.

We will take you to the portal in Mount Sanai where you will have a communication upgrade between our Realms.

This will allow you to hear the Dragon guidance more clearly in your life.

You will then be able to release the keys you carry into the portal and do your Earth healing work to spread the abundance through the leylines.

We will be unlocking the hidden matrixes that are keeping some countries and cultures poor especially in Africa.

We will be working on your own abundance frequency upgrading it full into 5th dimensional light in the New Earth Matrix and we will be supporting the collective unity consciousness movement into abundance.

This will be a powerful transmission for all Dragon Communicators and the final reset at this point on Earth anchoring the Dragon light through the land. Dragon wisdom and guidance will be offered and gifts galore.

You are loved.


This concludes this powerful series of assisting with birthing the New Earth Dragons.

This energy will help with the stabilisation of the Earth Grids and also the awakening of the Abundance Frequencies in the land.

As always Alphedia will support the healing transmission with sound healing and Dragon light language activations.

This will particularly support those who are ready to step up to the next level of their Dragon work and communications,

Those who are ready to deeply heal within and support the Earth Grid and remember their ancient Dragon knowledge.

All are welcome and it is not necessary to have taken part in the previous New Earth Dragon SOS transmissions, all are called at the appropriate time to be of service.

Attendance Live via Video Link (Internet Connection required)

You will have received the Vimeo video link to join the workshop a few hours before the workshop starts.

(Check your order acknowledgement for files to download)

You will also be sent a link to the audio and video files after they have been processed.

Select Live option when buying.

Distance (after the event) Files Download/Access Option

A link to the MP3 audio recording of the workshop will be sent to you after the audio files have been processed.

The video will be available shortly after the event as a recording also.

Select distance option when buying.

Please note it is not necessary to have taken part in the previous four transmissions although it is advised.

As it will assist you in understanding deeper the work you are doing and to receive the activation of your keys and codes in particular from the first transmission.

All however are welcome and if you feel the call within your heart to assist the Earth and yourselves this way please join us.

We also have a New Earth Dragon Facebook group that you can join to meet other dragon initiates and exchange stories of the healing work that you are doing.

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