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New Earth Love Dragons SOS – 3rd Transmission

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Alphedia Arara has been contacted once again by the New Earth Dragons that are asking for assistance to be birthed onto the planet through the New Earth Template. This will be the third activation in this series calling out to the Dragon Priests and Priestesses who are here on Earth at this exciting time in the new Aquarian age to further open up Dragon Portals on the Earth. In this transmission we have been asked to activate the Heart Chakra at Glastonbury through the famous Glastonbury Tor.

The New Earth Dragons will birth through the wells bringing the Love Codes of the higher template onto the Earth. This is important to stabilise the Earth Grid, to bring peace to the Planet. Not only through the activation of the New Earth Dragons to assist with Planetary Ascension but also to assist with humans holding love in their matrix.

So much of the pandemic has been tapped into the fear matrix and the birthing of these beautiful Dragons of Love will allow for further opening of the keys within your matrix. To assist with opening Love Portals around the World, either in the physical realm or energetically as you astrally travel.

These New Earth Dragons of Love will bring deep healing to you all as Dragon Initiates. Healing any karma between yourself and the Dragon Kingdom, healing any imbalances within your energy stopping you experiencing full dragon communications with ease. The dragons will visit whichever other portals you require to open with them as part of the key that you hold within your matrix as a dragon initiate to bring forward this great awakening at this time on Earth.

As always, Alphedia Arara will be channelling this transmission live on the night. She will be attuning you to the New Earth Dragons of Love through an Ascension Sphere Attunement. You will also receive a direct live channelling on the night and then be led on the guided meditation transmission supported by sacred instruments, dragon light language activations, and powerful sound healing codes.

We have all come onto this Earth once again to do this great work as Earth Healers and to deepen our connection with the Dragon Realm. 90% of humans are clairsentient, so the way that you receive psychic information is through the Heart Chakra. This will allow you to become more intuitive. It will be bringing forward information for you on working with them personally in your life and further Earth healing mission with them. They will be strengthening your auric field and really be supporting you in returning into balance within the heart.

Humanity has lost that balance in the heart since the Lemurian Epoch and many of you will be reactivating Lemurian Dragon Consciousness to assist you in this return to wholeness within.

Channelled Message from the New Earth Love Dragons:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with great honour and joy that we come forward. We are supporting you as you go through this process of inner resurrection. Just as we ask you to support us as we go through our rebirthing. Gaia has decreed that it is time to release us, the New Earth Dragons, onto the planet through the ley lines. We will be doing a lot of work on the congestion and also the pain that has been stored in these Earth arteries on the Earth. We will also be working with you all to develop your clairsentience, so that you can embody the new Love Codes of the Earth with greater ease in your matrix.

If you are carrying any heart pain, any fears, any worries, we will be taking you to an inner Dragon Temple within Glastonbury Tor. We will be working with the energies of the red and white springs and from this powerful point we will be sending purifying, upgraded, love codes on the wings of the Dragons of Love along the intricate ley lines structure. The Planet is requiring to be more in a place of love so that humanity can hold compassion for their brothers and sisters. So that we can end the wars and the Dragons of Peace can be birthed next. But first the Planet requires to be flooded with Love. The love portals of the land require to be reopened.And you all require as dragon initiates to honour yourself and to unconditionally love from within. We will be working with you to help you feel the dragon love more clearly, to feel our presence, to feel our support. And if you wish to be assigned your own personal New Earth Dragon this will be offered to you also.

It really is a glorious day, the work in the last transmission and the opening up of the Crown Chakra of the Earth has allowed humanities consciousness to rise. It has allowed people to speak their truths and is allowing the world to come together in harmony for injustices to be reversed and for the quotient of love frequency to increase 10%. This may seem a small percentage but it has to be done in stages for there will be a massive outpouring of grief as humanity starts to reconnect to their hearts once more. And this is our purpose for coming back onto Earth, to assist people in understanding the importance of this work whether they are spiritually aware or not.To bring back unification through the Portals of Love and for these portals of love to be re-awoken in all their glory, Namaste.”

Please note it is not necessary to have taken part in the previous two transmissions although it is advised.

As it will assist you in understanding deeper the work you are doing and to receive the activation of your keys and codes in particular from the first transmission.

All however are welcome and if you feel the call within your heart to assist the Earth and yourselves this way please join us.

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