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New Waves of Light - Sun God Ra Full Moon Workshop

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New waves of light consciousness are now released from Alcyone and the Egyptian Sun God Ra wishes to offer you an activation of the fire energy within you to awaken your creativity, inspiration and drive.

In July 2017 the Sun God Ra came forth to bring us a deeper connection with the Central Sun energies of the Full Moon. On the 3rd of July, the sun was at its furthest away from Earth.

Alphedia Arara channels this full moon healing workshop for you in the star sign of Capricorn. The full moon occurred at 5.06 am on the 9th July, and we prepare for the energy that is released from the Great Central Sun at this Full Moon point.

  • Alphedia channels live the Sun God Ra, takes you on a self realisation exercise to help you look at the areas of your life which you could use the fire energy available to you through this moon cycle, to earth and ground changes in your reality.
  • Whether they be changes in your financial situation, relationship situation, your health, career, or home life the Sun God Ra offers you this opportunity to be set free from your limitations.
  • He takes you on a powerful healing guided meditation which Alphedia channels and supports with the Tibetan singing bowls, drum and percussion instrument playing.
  • This workshop also includes a Great Central Sun Ascension Sphere attunement.

Channeled message from the Sun God Ra

Greetings, it is with great honour and privilege that I come forth to speak with you today, I have been waiting for this shift to occur in 2017.

As the sun is closest to the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere I offer you an opportunity to enter my ancient Egyptian Sun Temple Ashram.

Many of you have had Egyptian past lives and as many of you studied in my Sun Temple you learned how to master the codes emitted from the Great Central Sun and to utilise and integrate them into your energy systems to increase your Ka life force energy.

The ascension process is tiring for many of you, so view this healing I offer you, supported at this Full Moon, as a reboot, a hot wire of energy increase from the Great Central Sun.

Many of you have done this work before in anchoring and harmonising it but for some it is as a new experience. I will start with activating everybody’s Ka light body, activating the dormant energy structures and placing into those who do not have the energy structures the connection on how to utilise the Central Suns’ energy.

Many who suffer from ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro myalgia, those type of conditions, it is because your energy systems are not utilising the life force energies from the Great Central Sun.

Those of you who struggle with toxicity within your physical bodies will also find great benefit from doing this energy work with me.

I will assist you in recalibrating your physical systems to give them the energy for the organs of elimination to work more fully and efficiently. I will also support you in receiving a colour healing which activates within the pineal gland assisting any who suffer from depressive thoughts, anxiety or fear.

We will work to clear any alien off world interferences from your energy system and align you on to Earth.Many of you, particularly walk-in souls, struggle at being aligned onto the Earth.

Once you have your Earth Alignment with the Great Central Sun corrected you will find yourselves able to focus, achieve and be more self-reliant.

Know this is a powerful moon and its fire and earth combination will allow you to spark remembrances of your ancient training. I look forward to communicating, namaste"
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