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Order of Melchizedek Workshop

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Master Melchizedek will bring forth healing transmissions, code activations and also remind you of what you agreed to be part of before you were birthed onto Earth.

Master Melchizedek is a powerful ascended master who oversees the Order of Melchizedek, this is an ancient order of which many of you are initiates. Those who are members of the Order of Melchizedek are sent to Earth to aid with the shifts required in human consciousness.

This has been a very secretive order and those who have been ordained into it have come to Earth at times of great catalysing change. In this workshop, Master Melchizedek will reactivate you so you have remembrance of your role within the Order of Melchizedek.

The Essenes at the time of Christ were part of the Order of Melchizedek and they had been sent to Planet Earth to bring forward a consciousness of love and peace to prepare the way for Lord Sanada to incarnate carrying his Christ Light codes.

Master Melchizedek comes forth to ask for this workshop to assist members of the order incarnate upon Earth at this time.

Alphedia Arara was told in 2006 that she was a member of the Melchizedek order, as was her husband Auraengus, and over the years they have had many visitations from Melchizedek, experiencing guidance, attunements and initiations.

  • This workshop is catalysing…to bring together order members and Melchizedek assigns you missions as a group collective consciousness.
  • As part of this workshop, Earth healing is performed, and also an upgrade of your energy fields.
  • Melchizedek hands you special codes and tools to allow you to access further deeper wisdom into the mysteries of life on Earth and to re-establish your connection to Divine Source.
  • Alphedia Arara is a powerful facilitator who channeled this workshop live on the day. It includes meditations, attunements and crystal healing through the Ascension Spheres.

If you have been drawn to Master Melchizedek, if you have been hearing his call, it is likely that you are one of his order, sent to Earth to take part in this great planetary mission.

Now is the time for earth to birth a new consciousness within humanity, and your role is key in this.

Channeled message from Master Melchizedek

Greetings, I call forth to remind you of our ancient connection. I call forth to remind you that your soul has chosen to be part of this mission to Earth.

For Gaia requires the collective consciousness of humanity to awaken now, as Earth travels further into the photon belt, the light will increase.

Many people will feel stranded, deserted, confused and incoherent. But those who have been sent down by the order are here to stabilise, to mitigate and to align the frequencies of these changes.

Do not underestimate your role in this process,…remember that you are a highly trained initiate in the alchemical arts. You have reached fifth dimensional consciousness status and you are here for a greater purpose than your own ego soul wishes.

As you remember now our deep connection, you have been bound to vows of secrecy, but these serve you no more and I will be releasing these programmings from you, thereby allowing you to express your soul truth more easily.

I will be deprogramming from you conditioning and fears you have taken on in other missions to Earth which may have destabilised.

Now is the time that you are all released from this,…the Divine has decreed, and therefore I call forth the Order once again to unite and we will create together the Great Temple of Light that will fully integrate onto Earth on the 21st of June 2018.

Many of you took part in the creation of the new Temple of Light earlier this year and I commend you for remembering your call. Now is the time for me to prepare you for what is to come.

You are all ready, you are all high level initiates in the Divine alchemical arts. You all remember your soul connection, and now it is time for the work to begin.

I really look forward to coming together once again, to share our wisdom, to heal and to be reactivated. It is a gift and a great honour.Namaste, Adoni.”
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