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Order of The Magdalenes Workshop

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Do you hear the call of the Magdalene within you? Are you one of the trained Order of the Magdalene returning to the Earth to begin your mission to support this transition of Mother Gaia? This is an amazingly unique healing opportunity for your soul.

In this Magdalene Order workshop participants' energy was called into the sacred space on the Earth Heart Portal of the Isle of Iona, Scotland. Their names were placed upon a High Altar Alphedia created on behalf of the Magdalene Order.

  • In this workshop you receive an Order of Magdalene initiation and go on a channeled guided meditation
  • Participants' healing journey is supported with Alphedia toning sacred incantations and through the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, percussion and drum.

Channeling from Mary Magdalene

“Greeting Beloved Ones. I come forward to you as a high initiate of the Magdalene Order. There is confusion surrounding my name but the Magdalene refers to an esoteric order where initiates were trained in the temples of Ancient Egypt in high alchemy.

Many Magdalenes have returned to Planet Earth to assist with the next great stage of human ascension yet little is truly known of the secrets of the order.

The Order of the Magdalene contains many male and female initiates. The Order understood the balance between harmonising the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies and using ourselves as alchemical vortexes of light to catalyse change within the mass consciousness.

And again those of you who are remembering now your training in the order of the Magdalene are awakening to your soul purpose here on Earth at this time.

I wish to, in this workshop, assist you in clearing trauma that you experienced particularly at the time of the crucifixion, particularly at the time the essence communities were beginning to break down and disband.

And yet many of you hear the call of the Magdalene deep within your soul. This is because you are remembering, awakening that ancient sacred knowledge within yourself and I offer you in this workshop on the sacred Isle of Iona, one of the powerful heart centres of Mother Earth, the opportunity to heal but also to remember why you have returned.

What gifts you have to offer and how to begin to work with your ancient magic wisdom.

Many of you carry fear from this time that is detrimental for your soul path going ahead but know that I am ready to assist you in facilitating this clearing.

I will take you on an initiation, an ancient one that you learnt in the temples of Egypt. I will assist you through meditation in activating once again your dormant vortex of transformational light and I will assist you through channeling personal messages in remembering your path this time.

I offer you this service on behalf of Gaia Mother Earth, the High Order of Melchizedek and the Council of Wise Elders who are overseeing the return of the Essence Wisdom activation on Earth again.

I hold you in loving sacred embrace wither you are with me physically or etherically for my presence on Iona is strong.

It is time now for ancient Druidic secrets to be released from the land and for the Magdalene Order to reactivate their spiral of light.

Deep heart healing is the next stage for humanity and as you move deeper into your fifth dimensional consciousness state of being this sacred island will support you in releasing any traumas in the heart.

For you to embody that pure Divine Love into all aspects of your life, to remember your ancient healing secrets through the power of Divine Love and that you can surrender into acceptance, truth and light for you know what is to come and this is why you have returned dear ones. Namaste. Namaste.”
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