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Pan God of Nature Full Moon Workshop

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Pan is an overseer of the Elemental Realms and a connector of the Green Ray energies.

In this full moon workshop Alphedia Arara assists you in harnessing the full moon energies in Sagittarius and connecting you with the energies of Pan the Great God of Nature. This full moon occurred at 22.14pm on 21st May 2016 and was known as the full hare moon.

In this workshop Pan assists you in honouring the joy, the abundance and the light in your life as we head towards the summer solstice. This is a perfect moon to help you bring more light and fulfillment into your life. It is a moon to look at what makes you happy at this time and how to bring more of this happiness, peace and joy into your earth walk at this time.

Pan assists you in letting go of pre programming, be it ancestral conditioning or self programming that is limiting consciously or unconsciously your happiness. He connects you with the joy of the Elemental Kingdom and helps you to focus on the positive and to bring more positive experiences into your relationships, your career, your family and home life, your spiritual work and your financial world.

  • Alphedia channels Pan live on the night to bring forward his wisdom on the moon energy.
  • You receive a group attunement to Pans sacred energy
  • You go on a self realisation exercise to allow yourself to honour what is good in this life for you.
  • Pan then takes you on a healing guided meditation to connect you into the Elemental Realms and to his energy: to help you feel the joy of being reconnected with the nature kingdom; to help clear any blocks to seeing the good and the positive in your life; to help with your manifestation work and to bring more joy, happiness and abundance into reality for you.

Like attracts like so when you put out positive energy you receive back positive energy. Situations that may be distressing you at this time can be viewed through a different lens with Pans assistance and therefore great healing can occur to any discordant energy.

Channeled Message from Great God Pan

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is an honour and privilege to bring forward this communication. This full moon in Sagittarius is about bringing balance but also directed, focused manifestation into action.

The energies of this moon will assist you in viewing your creations of the reality of the world around you, to allow you to let go of the focus on the displeasing or negative aspects and to allow you to move more fully into 5th dimensional consciousness whilst staying grounded to the earth energies.

I will be assisting you in finding out more information about your souls journey and your souls life path. As well as what areas of your life require focus at this time, to bring them into balance but also into joy and happiness.

I will open up your heart chakra and work with the fairies and your Elemental Guides to allow you to honour the truth of the wisdom that is within, so that you will have the courage to step out of any situations that are not fulfilling for you and not joyful for you.

As the energies of this time - as we build up to the powerful summer solstice - are about harnessing the higher frequency light and stepping out of drama, out of conditioning, know that i can support you with this and bringing forward your ancient earth energy wisdom that is stored within you all to reconnect you to the energy of the plants the trees the water the birds the rocks animals and all the element.

This will be a powerful, exciting and healing journey to bring more joy and happiness into being. So if you have been suffering from depression, sadness or stagnation know that this full moons energy will assist you in breaking free to know your truth and all is well, blessed be, blessed be.”
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