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Clear Communication with Nature - God Pan Findhorn

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Great Nature God Pan has asked to assist people in having clearer communication with the Elemental Realms.

Alphedia Arara was asked by Pan the Great God of Nature to channel a workshop with him and the Elemental Kingdom after the Summer Solstice of 2018 at the famous Findhorn Nature Spirit Community in Northern Scotland.

This community was founded with the help of the Nature Spirits and is famous for its original garden where the founders communicated with the Nature Spirits to assist with the growing of huge vegetables on low fertility soil.

In this workshop Pan channels guidance on the state of the environment and what we as lightworkers can do to assist its improvement.

Alphedia is the author of “Messages from Nature’s Guardians” which she wrote ten years ago about her awakening journey with the environmental messages she received from the Elemental Beings.

  • In this workshop Alphedia channels meditations from Pan and healings from different Elemental groups.
  • You learn how you personally can communicate easier with the Elementals and offer them healing assistance.
  • You find out who your Guardian Elementals are at this time also and why they want to work with you to assist the ascension of the planet.
  • You receive attunements and time to personally connect with different Elemental groups.

Channeled message from Pan - the Great God of Nature

“Greetings it is with great honour I come forth to support you all at this exciting time on Earth. The Summer Solstice Temple of Light activation at Ring of Brodgar means that not only human consciousness can evolve and expand but the Elemental Beings and Nature Spirit consciousness too.

Through this workshop I wish to assist you all in remembering the call of nature and to support the evolution of the Fairy, Mermaid, Elf, Slyph, Sprite, Salamander, Gnome consciousness to name a few.

They wish to work with you all more closely and to enhance communications between the realms.

I will work with you on opening your sixth sense to make it easier for you to establish a deeper relationship.

You will be introduced to guides from the Elemental Realms and how they can help you in your path forward as well as how they wish you to assist them with their evolution.

Through attunements and meditations, I will assist you in moving more deeply into your heart to assist with feeling the Elementals more strongly in your life.

I will teach you how to create Elemental Hospitals on the energy planes and how to send them healing through the Green Ray activation I will channel in the original garden.

You will also receive healing from the Fairy, Mermaid, Sylph and Gnome kingdoms.

Alphedia will channel the Elemental Beings live to bring forth their messages on the day.

We will also together work to create a vortex of light to bring peace and harmony between the realms.

Few still acknowledge and respect the Beings of Nature but we are real and are an important part of the Earth Realm.

Many of you are now ready to remember the Elementals wisdom and the important roles they play in the nature kingdom. Blessed Be”.
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