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Golden Pyramid Healing Technology Part 2:

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Workshop date: 11 February 2021
Duration approximately: 2.5 hours
Please note: There is no personal message. Video & Audio downloads available.

This workshop is now available on Video & MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 11th February 2021.

“In the first transmission we were working on preparing your energy fields, strengthening your aura and preparing your meridians to be able to embody this high frequency light. In part two we are going to be preparing you to receive a more advanced level of the Golden Pyramid Healing”.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu invite you to join them to celebrate the New Moon in Aquarius with the beautiful Lyran Starbeings and the second in the series of the “Golden Pyramid Healing Technology”. The New Moon occurred at 19:05 GMT.

The Lyran Starbeings have come forward to offer the second of a series of workshops channelled through the Elemental Beings team.

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The Lyrans are calling this the Galactic New Earth Project. This project is a collaboration between many of the different star races who are supporting Planet Earth on its Ascension and return to full light. In this very special powerful healing transmission they are offering to continue to teach us the Golden Lyran Pyramid Healing Technique.

This is an advanced technology that will not only support you but your clients, family, and anybody that you interact with once you have activated this technology within your matrix. Sacred geometry is a very important tool that the starbeings will be teaching us more about in 2021.

In this transmission Alphedia Arara will be channelling the Lyran Starbeings who will explain to us why humanity is ready for this technology and how it will benefit all those who are drawn to integrate this into their healing practice.

This technology is of fifth dimensional frequency and as we are moving into the full integration of the New Earth this will support you all in being able to move forward with ease, to amplify your healing abilities and to amplify your psychic and intuitive communications with beings in other Realms. It will also aid you in feeling stronger and less affected by third dimensionality on earth.

They are bringing this through to not only support us in the return to wholeness within but also to support us in being pioneers as Galactic Masters incarnate on Earth. Humanity has often been described as Galactic Royalty, as those that incarnate into the Earth cycle are carrying codes from many different star races. Through the Galactic New Earth Project they are wishing to help us remember the knowledge that we have stored deep within our matrix, of life on other Planets and other Star Systems.

Many of us are the pioneers to bring this technology onto Earth for the first time to support with the evolution of not only Mother Earth but humanity and the other beings who live on Earth’s Consciousness. This technology can be used to support animals, plants, trees, and other aspects of nature.

This will be a channelled transmission where you will journey to Lyra through channelled guided deep meditation.

  • You will receive a Lyran Starbeings message about how to work with this golden pyramid healing technology.
  • You will receive a Golden Pyramid Ascension Sphere attunement to reactivate the healing from the last transmission within you.
  • You will then be lead on the channelled live lyran transmission.
  • You will receive an incantation to say daily to activate your new healing technology as well as learning how to run this technology of healing on others.
  • You will be integrated into the New Moon energies through a beautiful gong bath channelled live by Auraengus Manu which will also support your energy field integrating the great shifts that will have occurred within your matrix from this experience.

Alphedia Arara will be using light language, her vast experience of channelling the Starbeings and the sacred instruments to bring through the codes and frequencies required for you to have this experience of illuminated consciousness. If you feel the call of the Lyrans and even if you have never worked with Starbeings before, know that you are ready for this now.

Channelled Message from the Lyran Starbeings:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Asherana, I am a Lyran healing priestess. I was delighted last month to be able to support you all in the preparation of your energy matrixes to ultimately receive the full activation of the Golden Pyramid Healing Technology. This as I reiterated previously is an advanced healing technique which will not only support humanity in their own Ascension Journey but for Planetary Ascension, for Gaia and Galactic Ascension, for the whole Galaxy.

You are the Galactic Royalty on Earth. You are the brave leaders of the New Dawn, the Master Healers from various parts of the Galaxy who have descended onto Earth to support not only your own souls evolution, your monadic evolution, but to support humanity at large’s evolution. In the first transmission we were working on preparing your energy fields, strengthening your aura and preparing your meridians to be able to embody this high frequency light.

In part two we are going to be preparing you to receive a more advanced level of the Golden Pyramid Healing.
This first part of our transmission, after we have taken you to our Lyran Healing Temple, will be a further alignment of the Sacred Pyramid Geometry within your matrix. We will be stabilising you after some preparation to your energy fields to realign you with the pyramids sacred geometry. We will then be supporting you in embodying higher frequency light energy within your matrixes. This will provide you with not only further understanding and healing of where you are still attached to third dimensional matrix through the ego self and it will give you the opportunity to release yourself from this, for this is a choice you have to make.

We will take you into a new chamber. Now in this chamber we will have fifty lyran healers who will be working on soul repair work.You may call this on Earth psychic surgery.We will be scanning your matrix supporting you in deep cellular healing. Then activation and upgrading of your Galactic Light Channels in order for you to communicate with greater ease with your star brethren. But also to support you in being able to embody the Golden Lyran Pyramid technology to be able to activate this on a daily basis now with a mantra we will bringing forward which will then activate within your matrix the Golden Pyramid. This means that everybody you interact with on the Earth Plane throughout your day will come within the pyramid vortex.

This will not only support you with psychic protection but will amplify any healing work that you are performing. We will then be teaching you through channelling how to work and offer golden pyramid healing with us to clients, family members, and friends. And then the third transmission will be to bring forward this technology to support the plants, and the animal, and Gaia, and for you to receive the final stage on how to run the golden pyramid healing on others.

But first our priority is to teach you the self healing technique with this. The transmission that we will lead you through in our Lyran Healing Temple will integrate into you a further activation of the chakras within your body.Essentially it will catapult you higher into your multi dimensional self allowing you greater understanding and wisdom of the Universe at large. As you are all master souls, as this is an advance technique of healing you have sole responsibility for your welfare but we will teach you a grounding technique also to support you being more grounded and stable whilst in physical form on Earth.

As always we will be bringing forward light language incantations and sound healing transmissions in order to assist you in the next stage of this healing technique. We are super excited so many of you are ready to work at this high level and to take this healing light out shortly to the masses of humanities consciousness. You are the Avatars of the golden pyramid light technology and we are very honoured to bring this to Earth now, namaste.”
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