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Phoenix Rebirth Workshop

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In this workshop lead by Alphedia Arara you work with the Phoenix energy to help you to transform and be reborn into the new dawn.

The Phoenix energy is very powerful and calling on the energy of the Phoenix allows you to move with grace and ease out of where you are into a new way of being arriving at the new you.

This workshop is excellent for anyone who feels they require to be reborn, they require to renew themselves and be rid of all the baggage that has hampered them in the past.

The Phoenix, often depicted as rising out of the ashes, allows you to step into the new you, the real you and allows any parts of yourself that are disingenuous to be released, any fears or other negative emotions to be cleansed and transformed by the use of the elements and in this workshop you will work with many different aspects of the Phoenix energy.

  • Alphedia channels the phoenix energy and takes you on a channeled guided meditation to open, cleanse and purify your chakra energy system with the Pheonix.
  • Exercises are taught on how to use the phoenix energy to help you clear your fears. For example Alphedia worked with the phoenix energy to help to clear her fear of snakes and also to assist her in being shown the past life that the fear of snakes started in.
  • You also have the opportunity to recognise which part of yourself is requiring healing from the Phoenix energies so you can step into being your true soul self at all times. Many of us carry different personalities or personas as they are known which may have served us in the past, however now it is time to be your true self, to let go of fears, worries, anxiety about who you are and to allow you to show the world your true self.
  • Guided, channeled meditations help you work with the Phoenix energy and to meet your own personal phoenix guide.
  • As well as you learning about using the silver phoenix energy which is a high vibration energy available to humanity in the fifth dimension since the portal shift opened on 21 12 12. Alphedia runs this high vibration energy through you and teaches you how to work with it.
  • A rebirth ceremony was performed on the day and Alphedia teaches how to do this at home.
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