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Planting The Seeds of Creation - Starbeing Transmission

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Travel into the Galactic Portal on Iona with the Sirian & Lyran Starbeings to help plant the Seeds of Creation for the New Earth.

Alphedia Arara brought through this transmission during the Activating the Holy Grail Codes Within, Earth Healing Retreat on the Island of Iona, West Coast of Scotland, in April 2019. (If you took part in this retreat you will already have this transmission in your files.)

Join the Sirians and Lyrans aboard a Sirian spacecraft and travel with them to the Galactic Portal on Iona.

This will open you more fully to the Galactic Light Codes which you carry within.

Once in the Galactic Portal, you enter through a trap door on the spacecraft into a ‘voidal vortex’. Here you can begin planting the seeds of creation for the New Earth helping Stage 2 of the Ascension Journey for Humanity.

Isle of Iona

Channeled message from the High Commander of the Lyran experiment

Greetings, greetings, greetings. My name is Peshia.

1,200 years ago we were asked by the Divine to come to the island of Iona, one of the heart centres of Planet Earth.

It was highly protected by codes of love and it had been looked after for many centuries by an ancient wise and noble race who were very in tune with the nature realms and in deep communication with Source Divine Light.

We were asked to create a Portal of Love to connect the heart of Planet Earth to the Galactic Mission Temple.

The Galactic Mission Temple is the space within your heart consciousness.

It is a space within all the heart consciousnesses of this galaxy and this meant that the love portal of Iona was accessible for all within the Galaxy.

Mother Earth is changing her vibrational frequency.

She has upgraded her template recently and you are all about to embark shortly on Stage Two of the Ascension Path for Earth and Humanity consciousness.

Not much though has been put into this stage yet, little creation, this is why you are here as the first team of Earth workers to help plant the seeds.”

(The channeling is continued on the download)

This 35 minute channeled meditation is accompanied by Alphedia paying the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls and chimes.

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