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Pleiadian Ascension Workshop

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In this workshop spiritual facilitator and channel Alphedia Arara will connect you directly to the Pleiadian High Council.

The Pleiadians are Star Beings who offer to assist humanity at this time by increasing your energy vibration and increasing your healing potential.

  • In the workshop Alphedia channeled the Pleiadians live and you are taken up to a Pleiadian temple to receive an energy system upgrade on your chakra system. This will help release you from chronic pain and physical suffering and begin the process of healing.
  • You receive a Pleiadian Ascension Sphere attunement to allow your energy system to alter and then the Pleiadians bring through three transmissions:

The first transmission will be to encode your DNA with pure conscious thought.

The second will be to help you access wisdom from a greater part of your brain currently as humans we only use 35% of our brain potential and the Pleiadians are offering to switch on dormant parts of your brain structure to remember your connection to source, to remember your past life experiences and the wisdom they have taught you and to remember your connection to the Star Realms.

The third transmission will be an anchoring of the Christed Codes of Light. The Christ Consciousness returns to the Planet and this consciousness is the consciousness of self-mastery, self-sovereignty and allows you to reclaim spiritual power, wealth, wisdom and knowledge.

Each transmission will bring through intimate healing work in your holographic matrix and will seed you with the codes of the New Dawn.

  • You go on a guided meditation to meet a Pleiadian Master who is assisting you at this time on your spiritual journey and you also receive a cellular regeneration to help you become younger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and to allow the self-healing regeneration process to occur as humanity elevates to live for longer time periods on the Earth.
  • Alphedia will provide you with a sacred space for your soul to do this deep healing and cleansing work and to prepare it for what is to come ahead. This is an opportunity for you to access your own unique divine codes of light. To remember the purpose of your return here to Earth.

Who are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are a multi-dimensional race who are aiding Planet Earth in its ascension. They have been through their own ascension process so have wisdom to offer us with our time here on Earth.

The Pleiadians help us remember the joy of living and creativity, love and fun. That although our mission is important we can enjoy the experience too of being in 3d reality but in 5th dimensional consciousness.

The Pleiadians know how to master energies to activate our light bodies and dormant codes using a variety of techniques. They can offer us the opportunity to spiritual expand our consciousnesses and many of us are incarnate Pleiadians experiencing polarity in a dense vibration on Earth or have trained in the Pleiadian temples and have come to Earth to aid her in raising humanity’s consciousness.

Channeled Message from the Pleiadians

Greetings we are known as the Pleiadian High Council and we oversee in part, activities that are occurring on Planet Earth.

Many Lightworkers who have incarnated into human souls on Planet Earth at this time have studied with us in the Pleiadies or are indeed incarnate Pleiadains.

We offer you our wisdom and assistance at this time to increase the light within your Ka bodies. Now you may wonder why it is important to do this at this time but as Mother Earth increases her energy vibration and as you journey further on your own increase in vibration as part of the ascension process, your four main bodies; physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, require fine tuning in order for you to harness this higher frequency light.

Particularly the burst that occurs in March on the 7th 2015. By honing your bodies to be the highest vibrational frequency it can be you will then be able to embody the new consciousness codes that are being made available for humanity.

By allowing these codes to integrate into your being you not only expand in conscious awareness and understanding but you are able to flow through the changes with grace and ease.

Those who are not switched on or awake yet will start to struggle with health, with mental thinking and emotional energies that will be presented to them.

Those of you who know that you have come to Earth for a greater purpose than the 3D reality most exist within, will be able to remember why you came and find it easier to connect to your soul feelings of disconnection, loss, loneliness which can be replaced joy, abundance, light and happiness.

We Pleiadians offer to give you an internal energy matrix upgrade. This means that if you are a healer you will be able to increase your healing power tenfold.

Your sixth sense will open up more fully and you will reconnect and remember who you are and why you have come to the planet at this time. Know that the more you work on yourself, the more you let go of the drama of the third dimensional reality and the ego aspect of self which causes you a separation from the Divine, the more you move into bliss, harmony, peace and happiness, the more you are able to manifest instantly your reality and change situations with grace and ease.

It is our honour and privilege to assist you with this now in anchoring the new codes of consciousness into being at this time. Namaste and Adoni.”
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