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Pleiadian DNA Helix Healing New Moon

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Recorded Wednesday 6th of October, 2021.

7:00 – 9:00pm BST

Rest of World: £40 / UK: £48 (inc vat)

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Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to harness the healing power of the New Moon in Libra, which occurs at 12.06 pm

This New Moon the Pleiadian Star Beings are coming forward to offer us a new healing technique which they are calling the Pleiadian Helix Healing.

The Pleiadians are an advanced star race who are supporting humanity in our evolution.

The helix is the shape through which our DNA manifests in our linear time on Earth.

As we awaken the shape of the DNA changes from the Double to the Triple Helix form to the Infinite Helix form as we dive deeper into un-coding the universal truths within our more refined matrixes.

This New Moon workshop continues in the series "Galactic New Earth Project" and the Pleiadians are now offering to start us on our DNA Helix Healing.

In this workshop:

Alphedia will channel the Pleidian Star Beings live, who will teach us about this healing they wish to perform on us and ultimately when we are ready, teach us to be able to offer others the knowledge.

We will begin this workshop as always with an invocation to connect with the New Moon and bring the Pleidians into your consciousness.

You will have the opportunity to set New Moon wishes and healing requests and then receive a Pleiadian Ascension Sphere attunement to raise your vibration to the Pleiadian frequency.

The Pleiadians will work on healing any imbalances currently within your DNA matrix that are requiring any help and assistance, particularly any inheritance or any miasm blocks within your DNA structure.

They will use sound technology and light to bring though a Pleiadian preparation DNA activation.

You will then be led on a powerful Pleiadian transmission channelled live through Alphedia,

In this transmission the Pleiadians will take us to a beautiful healing temple, at the star Alcyon.

Supported by the crystal singing bowls, the Tibetan bowls and sacred precision instruments.

In this transmission the Pleiadians will be fully activating your DNA, to assist you moving out of linear time DNA structure, which we have been trapped in for Millenia.

Here they are ready to work with us to prepare us for what is to come at the Winter solstice.

This will be a powerful upgrade for all your matrixes at this time.

After the transmission, you will also receive a crystal skull healing with the beautiful purple and green Jasper Star Being skull.

The workshop will culminate with the beautiful New Moon in Libra channelled gong bath with Auraengus Manu.

As the frequency increases on Earth this gives us the opportunity, for those who are ready and willing to be the pioneers, to move through the different DNA stage activations.

Now the helix form is a sacred geometry shape in which our DNA is encoded within the structures of our cells.

As we move into the Infinite Helix, it means that we move beyond linear time.

It means that we are able to see into different Realms and Parallel Universes through our consciousness.

This is something that those who are natural channels are able to do with greater ease.

Many of you are healers and lightworker activators and are now ready to fully embark upon the journey of moving to this altered physiology within your energy field.

We look forward to inviting you to be with us this New Moon.

Channelled message from the Pleiadians.

“Greetings, greetings, greetings Dear Ones my name is Eanta.

I am a Pleiadian healer who is here to assist you with the removal of technology junk as you may call it.

Which is trapped within the DNA of many of humanity particularly from the fall of Atlantis.

Stopping you moving though the higher dimensions of consciousness.

Stopping you seeing into the parallel universe timelines and fully embracing the movement within your DNA helix structure.

As we perform our DNA Helix Healing, many of you will feel a great sense of relief that issues you have struggled with in many lifetimes are now being able to be set free.

This is because the higher frequency light on Earth after the Equinox Point is supporting you all in making this great shift within the helix form within your bodies.

Many of you may have been suffering physical injury, physical ailments or traumas because you have been in preparation for the last five years to begin the journey with your helix healing.

This process is not only upgrading you but supporting you in catapulting you into the higher realms of consciousness.

It is supporting you in gaining physical strength.

Supporting you in refining your channelling abilities and being able to see and hear into the different dimensions, particularly in preparation for the pineal gland expansion,

Know that you are as souls, being called as the pioneers, to take humanity into this new consciousness.

To be the Way Showers and we are delighted to offer you this opportunity.

And depending on who shows up on the day will depend on the healing work that collectively you all do together, as you actually all fast track as one.

Many of you are the way showers, to pull humanities consciousness to this place.

We will be particularly supporting any of you who have had a recent vaccination technology placed within you.

This will be a lot of the junk we clear out from some of you, from the DNA manipulation that has occurred through this programme that has been rolled out on the Earth.

We are lovingly guiding you to the place of Oneness again.


Pleiadian DNA Helix Healing New Moon Workshop

Wednesday the 6th of October, 2021.

7:00 – 9:00pm BST

Rest of World: £40 / UK: £48 (inc vat)

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