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Pleiadian Light Channel Healing Full Moon Workshop

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Pleiadian Star Beings offer to support us in healing our light channels and increasing our energy vibration rate to bring improvement to our physical bodies and aligning us more easily with Divine Source Light, our ultimate aim in this Ascension journey.

The full moon for this workshop was in Taurus at 17.45 BST on Wednesday 24th October.

The Pleiades Stars are located in the Taurean constellation and this will amplify the healing energy available to us from the loving Pleiadian Star Beings. They are assisting humanity with our Ascension Journey and indeed many humans are from Pleiadian origin.

The Pleiadians have been allies of humanity since our creation, being one of the first stars to seed Earth with their people.

Through the energy of this Taurean Full Moon any discordant energy relating to feeling secure and stable within will be amplified.

To help us navigate this moon cycle, which could send us into a spin in many areas of our life, the Pleiadians are assisting to heal any remnants of karma that are playing out for you unconsciously.

  • In the workshop Alphedia Arara channels the Pleiadians live. You will have the opportunity to set your own personal healing intentions for your soul progression.
  • She supports you on a self realisation exercise to look at what in your life is requiring some healing attention just now.
  • You receive a Pleiadian Ascension Sphere attunement to raise your energy vibration and clear and cleanse any negative thoughts or emotions that have been building up for you.
  • You are then taken on a beautiful healing meditation transmission from the Pleiadian Star beings supported by the loving energies of the Moon Goddess.
As always Alphedia Arara will be supporting her channeling and voice work with Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and percussion.

Channeled Message from the Pleiadian Ascension Healers

“Greetings I am the Pleiadian Healer known as Calania.

My role is on the star Alycone where I work with channeling Divine Source Energy to support the alignment of the soul with their full purpose.

I and many other highly trained Pleiadian specialist healers reside within this Tenth Dimensional Light Temple.

Dedicated to supporting the universal mass ascension programme, we have been alerted to humanities requirement to receive support in the fuller opening of their light channels.

Your light channels are dormant in the 3rd dimension only starting to awaken when a soul is moving into 5th dimensional reality living.

We see many of you would benefit with the healing we can offer.

As you increase your energy vibration, you move into a more euphoric state of being.

This euphoria is often replicated by the man made recreational drugs you take as a race.

Know that this state of inner bliss and euphoria can be accessed at any time when your light channels are fully healed and awakened.

We will teach you breathing exercises to support the light channel awaking for you.

Support you with the removal of dense energies, stuck thought forms and any interference from any other off world race that is keeping you miserable, unable to move forward with ease and feeling you are unable to break out of your current existance reality.

Know that we will support you fully in this soul transition.

We are excited to see so many souls in human form are ready for this advanced healing work and are ready to leave their old time line stories behind.

Are you ready to change within? Are you ready to heal yourself and move out of the confinements of your minds creations?

Are you ready to forgive on a deep soul level and move into Oneness with the Divine within that is the true you?

We are excited to have this opportunity to help you nagivate this next stage on Earth.

Know you can move out of the struggle and into healing euphoria.

We will work on your chakras, your morphic fields of light and awaken the light channels in your brain to gain your back your freedom.

The opportunity to be changed is now! Adoni."
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