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Pleiadian Workshop (2013) and Transmissions

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The Pleidian Star Beings wish to assist us in strengthening our light bodies.

This workshop led by Alphedia Arara and Auraengus was asked to be run by the Pleiadian High Council on 25th May 2013 to allow them to bring through new wisdom to help humanity at this time.

  • During the workshop Alphedia Arara channels the Pleiadian High Council and bring through their information on the day.
  • You will receive a Pleiadian Ascension Sphere Attunement and also go on guided meditations and receive exercises to do to strengthen your light body.

As souls we are birthed through different star systems and in order to hold the higher energies now descending onto the planet we have to strengthen our light bodies (spiritual bodies).

Auraengus is an incarnate Pleiadian and he has been downloaded with symbols for him to carry in his crown chakra. He is able to pass these symbols into the brains of those who are attending physically.

  • Alphedia leads you on a channeled meditation to take people to meet their Pleiadian guides and receive personal information from them.
  • The Pleiadian High Council will bring through new information through exercises to open up higher frequency light channels and you will work on the 15 chakra system at this point (2 chakras above the stellar gateway). This will allow this high frequency light to go down through your light body (ka, spiritual body).

Channeled Message from the Pleiadian High Council

Many Pleiadian High Masters who are incarnate will be holding the light on this day for us to descend down new vibrational structures to assist you in the growth of spirituality in humanity at this time.

Those who have a connection with the Pleiades will be drawn to the energies of this time as if a light bulb lights up within them. Even those who are not of Pleiadian connection will benefit from working with the patterns and exercises that we bring forward.

The auspicious dates are the 24 and 25 of May [2013]. On these dates we offer exercises to allow the humans who are ready to anchor the light into their energy matrix.

You are to offer a series of workshops connecting those to the Pleiadians and activating the dormant Pleiadians before this date. The workshops can be recorded or offered for attendance also.

On the day of the 25th May a course is to be run and we will use high frequency sound pitch to bring down vibrations. Be prepared for the Merkaba activation of the earth as she turns another phase of this geometric shape, strengthening it and energising it.

The work that the skulls offer for the 15 of April [2013] is the beginning of this process. We the Pleiadians and the Pleiadian High Council offer further assistance to those lightworkers who wish to remember the role that they came to the earth to perform in the elevation of the mass consciousness of humanity. This work will assist the animal kingdom also and the mineral kingdom also.“
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