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Power of Love : Andromedans & Venus Star Beings Workshop

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The Andromedans and Venus Star Beings wish to teach you about the Power of Love and how to use love to heal yourself, others, and Planet Earth.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels the Andromedans and Venus Star Beings who came forth to offer this course they have called The Power of Love.

The Andromedans have been working with people on Earth since the time of Lemuria. They are an advanced race who are supportive of the Earth's changes.

The Venus Star Beings are masters of utilising the Love frequency.

We as humans intellectually understand the concept of love yet very few of us fully embody the love code frequencies every second of every day.

In this workshop they offer to transform you through soul healing. Utilising the power of love they:

  • bring through three love activation transmissions
  • take you on a guided meditation to open, heal and clear your 12 chakra system
  • you will receive an Andromedan ascension sphere attunement, and
  • then be taken on a healing meditation by the Venus Star Beings.

They work on:

  • clearing the blocks through 100% loving yourself
  • clearing the blocks to being able to receive and attract love in its many forms, be it a partner, family, or guides, and
  • activating within you the love codes that all souls carry yet which many are scared to use because of its power.

The Andromedans feel that humanity is ready for the Power of Love to bereturned to them. This was one of the things that the Anunaki interfered with during the great Atlantean experiment.

Venus : Radar Image from Magellan Spacecraft - NASA

Channeled Message from the Andromedans and Venusians

Greetings, we are excited at last to have this opportunity to bring back the Power of Love to humanity.

We are asking you, we are calling out to you all to be the pioneers in connecting with the lost knowledge of Love.

Many of your psychologists and scientists are trying to study ‘what is love’, but know that this knowledge cannot be imparted factually or scientifically.

This is a soul transmission that we are to bring forth for you.Your souls are ready to bring back the Power of Love, to sweep through any troubles and any pain.

By activating within you fully these powerful Love Codes, we will work to dissolve away any unpleasant or unhelpful experiences when you have tried to tap into love consciousness.

We will clear any hurt, any pain and any inferiority and low self-worth that you are ready to release at this point.

For when you access the Power of Love within, a deep contentment and happiness manifests within your auric field, vibrating at this level the world around you harmonises to that way of being.

Your creations change and alter, know that the power of love breaks down many barriers in human consciousness and through working with our transmissions you will find what were walls or barriers before, dissolve away.For those initiates ready to work at this level we welcome you, for your consciousness has elevated to realise that happiness comes from within and that you have the power to control this.

You have the power to access the love codes within you and to experience the exquisite bliss, relaxation, relief, and healing that is on offer now. Adoni, adoni.”


"I adored the Venus mediation. It was so beautiful, I was one with the universe and beyond and everything was just love, just a sea of pink calcite but with a consistency that was like warm melted pink calcite toffee. I am doing that one again, lots!" Sam, England

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