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Preparing for the New Earth Vibrations Workshop

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“I am opening the door for those who are ready to step through into the New Earth Vibrations, who are ready to bring in the change, herald in the New Light Codes and who are ready to work in harmony with the Elemental, Nature and Galactic kingdoms." GAIA

Connect with Mother Gaia and the Elementals for the 11.11 moment to disconnect yourself from any attachment to the old timeline realities in order to fully connect with the New Earth templates awakening at the Solstice in December 2019.

Every year the 11.11. portal, which occurs on the 11th November, heralds in a new gateway opportunity to access higher light codes.

This year of 2019 is heralding in the timeline dissolution of the Old Earth framework.

Those of us on the Ascension programme are aware of the movement internally and externally of the creation of the new Earth Templates.

These are the templates of 5th dimensional Gaia; templates of love, balance and harmony with all realms.

To fully embrace, embody, create and connect with the new Earth Templates awakening at the Solstice point it is important that we fully detach ourselves from the old Earth timeline templates.

The inverted 3D matrix which goes through another collapse as this gateway opens, if you are willing to assist the dissolution within yourself.

In this transmission with Mother Earth, Gaia, and the Elementals you work with the element of Earth to disconnect yourself from any attachment to the old timeline realities.

You are fully grounded within Mother Earth and merge with her consciousness so she can assist you in this releasement work.

Many of you at this time are feeling overwelmed, overworked, not enough time in the day.

This is because your energy fields are trying hard to process the energy shifts but your ego self is clinging onto the old timeline attachments.

Now is your time lightworkers to rise and shine! This is the start - what your soul has been preparing yourself for for the last 3 years. Are you ready to take the final leap?

This is an exciting opportunity, channeled through Alphedia Arara, to allow your energy fields in your holographic matrix grid, to recalibrate into the new higher 5D frequency.

In this channeled transmission Alphedia works with Mother Gaia and also the Angels of the New Earth who are coming forward to support Humanity in this evolution shift.

This transmission includes:
  • Live channeling from Gaia
  • Guided meditations
  • Crystal Ascension Sphere Attunement
  • Pain body deactivation and healing
  • Visualisation of the future New Earth
  • Ancestral karmic clearing and DNA alterations as the connection to the old Earth timeline dissolves for you.

If enough Lightworkers have prepared their energy fields to be able to release the old Earth templates, then the creation of the New Earth is assured.

Millions of Lightworkers have flocked onto the Earth to be present for this moment. You are one of many who are ready to be of service to Mother Gaia this way.

Alphedia channels through the information from Gaia, as well as guiding you to be able to release your attachment to the old 3rd dimensional timelines.

You may unconsciously still have an attachment to the pain body and as you work on the dissolution of the pain body you start the dissolving process of the timeline shift.

We work with you to upgrade your holographic matrix to dissolve and witness situations of your manifested creations through 5th dimensional consciousness.

From this perspective one’s problems can easily be solved, health issues dissolved and manifested realities come faster into being.

Through sound healing transmissions Alphedia brings through the frequencies that will complete these old Earth timelines for you and help you herald in a change of frequency as you start to prepare for the New Earth creation at the Solstice.

This transmission workshop offers you the greatest opportunity to step out of the old time frame and you utilise the energy of the 11.11 portal frequency to connect with the Galactic Portal of Light through which Gaia is ascending.

See this as the opening of the holding pen for the start of the race.

Your soul now has time to integrate and shift your frequency, so that at the Solstice moment in 2020 you are ready to awaken your Rainbow Heart.

Ready to begin your soul creation of the New Dawn on Earth.

Channeled Message from Gaia

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with honour and joy that I am able to connect with you all this way.

For you are all supporting me with my Planetary Ascension and the more of Humanity that are willing to step out of the 3rd dimensional timeline and into the higher frequency with their consciousness means greater healing is available for me.

The animal and the mineral and the plant, and all the other kingdoms, are ascending also but affected greatly by humanity’s morphic grid manifestation.

Yes there will be those who continue to chose to stay in the 3rd dimensional timelines, but know that chaos will start to ensue for those whose frequency is not working for the light.

As at the end of any cycle I am shedding, collapsing that which there is no longer a purpose for within my vibratory holographic field.

I am opening the door for those who are ready to step through into the New Earth vibrations, who are ready to bring in the change, herald in the new light codes and who are ready to work in harmony with the Elemental, Nature and Galactic kingdoms.

Are you ready to dissolve and detach from the fear matrix?

Are you ready to step out of blindness and open your eyes through your clairvoyance to see the new possibilities that I am allowing to come onto Earth to bring forth the joy, to bring forth the upgraded template missions?

Are you ready to support me? Do you feel the call within your heart?

For I am calling to you now.

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