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Psychic Clearing Workshop : Archangel Michael & Violet Flame Dragons

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Workshop date: 24th October 2021
Please note: Audio & Video download available

This workshop is now available on Video and MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 24th October 2021 in Merlindale, Scotland with Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu.

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu, for this powerful psychic/ astral body clearing workshop.

Many souls as we ascend are becoming more sensitive and aware of dense energies stored in their matrixes.

Many of these may have been stuck within your matrixes for many generations.

Now we have the opportunity of remembering and acknowledging what these emotions are.

Learning how to clear and shift them within ourselves and to support others in releasing density also.

In this two hour workshop, Alphedia has been asked to channel Archangel Michael, known as the Angel of Protection, Commander Ashtar, Head of the Galactic Light Force Team, as well as the Violet Flame Dragons who will assist with transmuting and releasing the denser energies.

In this workshop we will cover the topics of clearing fallen angels, red rays, greys and reptilian influence.

Some souls are greatly affected by these beings due to the importance of their work on Earth in this incarnation, but also because of previous contracts or negativity that has been directed towards them.

This is a workshop that has only now been able to be channelled onto the Earth, as we have mastered our egos enough to be able to unravel and free ourselves from the effects of these beings.

Alphedia and Aurengus have great experience through their own personal experiences over the last twenty years of being affected by these beings and also assisting others that have been affected also.

They will teach you techniques and healings as well as channellings of Archangel Micheal and Commander Ashtar.

You will be given invocations, you will be given command mantras and you will be protected with a powerful shield of light the moment you commit to the course.

You will be sent a sound activation to listen to, which will put codes within your matrix.

When you start work on shifting these energies, it can create a backlash.

So you have to be prepared and have the tools to support you for whatever comes up.

But know you are always Divinely protected, you have a great number of beings of light around you to protect you.

And there are always lessons to learn from any psychic attack or any implant that has been placed within you, that is affecting your work at this time.

Know that as part of our soul mastery we require to understand our weaknesses so that we can strengthen and remove them from our matrix.

This will particularly assist those who have a real issue with psychic attack or maybe physical attack in this lifetime or in previous incarnations.

If you have been the victim of abuse or are ongoing being affected by others projected thoughts and negativity towards you, then this will be a powerful stepping stone for you to move to your freedom.

This information will be channelled live to allow the knowledge to come through that Ashtar or Archangel Michael wish to support us with at this time.

We all have the choice now to be working at this level, know that you are never faced with any initiation your guides do not think you can handle.

Know you are always protected and will be given physical guidance and tools to assist you with your auric protection work.

This course will include channelled meditations, teachings, activations, an Ascension Sphere Attunement and crystal skull healing from Ardmano, to enable you to be able to receive codes and symbols to strengthen your auric field and your inner protection.

This is particularly good for those who are EMF sensitive and have a weak electro magnetic signal, and those who are affected by other peoples energies and perhaps live with or work with people who have been under a lot of psychic attack.

This will not only assist you if you are a healer in protecting yourself but assisting your clients to be freed from these lower vibrations also.

Channelled message from Archangel Michael.

“Greetings, greetings, greetings,

It is with great honour and joy that I Michael come forward.

I am of course joined by Commander Ashtar too, who is bringing forward the knowledge of the off world beings that have been affecting humanity and trying to stop the evolution of human ascension.

We asked this to be brought forward prior to the Samhain Portal, when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest, and this will allow you to be able to free yourself from entanglement as-well as having an awareness of your daily lifestyle and practice and how that is affecting your auric field and astral body protection.

We will do a lot of clearing work on you and we will work on releasing you from any inappropriate contracts you have made, consciously and unconsciously, in this life and in previous lifetimes with beings that have not got your highest and best intentions at heart.

Now this is a workshop of liberation and it is a workshop for those who are ready, ready to work at this level, ready to understand this level and ready to be free again.

We are very honoured to have this opportunity, to have a voice, and to bring through this wisdom to support you all.

For you are all one, and you are all aligned within, when you are without the interference.

So we will work deep within the ego self, essentially we will work on removing from you any pieces of the jigsaw that you are allowing lower frequencies to latch into, but it is your choice, it is your choice to set yourself free.


Alphedia has vast experience of working in this energy field, supported by Auraengus who has 30 years experience as homeopath and energy practitioner and also has worked with thousands of clients on a one to one basis, supporting them after and during psychic attacks, as well as physical attacks.

Know that if you are drawn to be part of this workshop, you are drawn to assist others with this work also, the beings of light support you in each and every way.

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