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Rainbow Diamond Heart - New Earth Rebirth Solstice Workshop

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This workshop is now available on download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 21st December 2021 in Merlindale, Scotland.

Help to create the New Dawn with Gaia by releasing and activating the New Earth Templates.

Winter Solstice 2019 Alphedia Arara was guided to travel to the magical Hamlet of Fortingall in Highland Perthshire.

Fortingall has three stone circles and the famous Fortingall Yew tree which is the second oldest tree in the world.

It is here that the Male and Female Christ lines cross through Fortingall Kirk and in this high vibration spot we work together to release and activate the New Earth Templates.

This workshop includes a preparation meditation channeled before the Solstice moment, as well as the gathering at Fortingall Village Hall.

Here we work with Mother Gaia connecting profoundly to her consciousness as we prepare ourselves to anchor and release the New Earth Templates working with the Crystal Skull and Dragon Kingdoms.

We open up a Galactic Fairy Portal by the stone circles and we receive downloads of wisdom from the ley lines as well as the activation at the Fortingall Yew tree.

Alphedia channels through the activation from Archangel Metatron, the Sirians and the Pleiadians to allow your energy frequency to open up the Rainbow Diamond Heart within.

This means that going forward you will live from the Rainbow Diamond Heart Consciousness. This is a place of elevated consciousness, fifth dimensional reality.

This will be a massive upgrade for your energy fields and it will also support you throughout the next stage of the Ascension of Earth.

Metatron works with you in dissolving away and releasing anything that is lingering still, holding you back in lower emotional frequencies.

You then experience a Rainbow Diamond Heart attunement as well as preparation for the opening of the tenth dimensional Stargate in one of the stone circles - the middle one where the vortex is contained.

This is an exciting opportunity for your soul through part of this pioneering return of consciousness for Humanity, opening up potentials that have been, up to this point, closed off for you in your soul’s growth.

Alphedia uses her vast knowledge, facilitation in the field and channeling abilities to support you all through this experience, along with the support of sound healing and the crystal allies. You experience channelled guided meditations, crystal ascension sphere attunements and activations.

As always the Winter Solstice is a still point on Earth and we will hold a Still Point meditation to help you ground and connect with the significance of this moment.


Fortingall is a small village in the entrance to the beautiful Glen Lyon, one of the remotest parts of Scotland. It is known as the Alpha Grail (Primary) (ingress) Threshold or Grail castle of the Christ energy grid of the planet.

That is where the Christ energy grid energies are received, anchored and distributed throughout the earths crystalline grid. It is said that Jesus visited to receive the christ energies and that his forebears emigrated to Galilee from Fortingall.

In this high vibration energy spot on the planet your soul collects and releases codes to help further you ascension journey.

Channeled Message from Gaia

Greetings, greetings, greetings dear ones, it is with honour and joy that we are able to connect this way.

I commend you for your pioneering spirit, I commend you for your service not only to your own soul and Monadic group but to all of the Elementals and other Beings of Light.

I will bring forward the Dragons, the Fairies, the Tree Spirit Consciousness and the Gnomes who guard the ley lines, who will all work with you as well as the Angelic Realm for this great Event.

Know your souls are ready and prepared if you hear the call to do this work on behalf of others, on behalf of yourself and others as well, this is an opportunity for us all to move through the Unification Stargate Portal so that separation illusion and distraction drop away.

As we resurrect Humanity’s consciousness the New Dawn is birthed.

As always I hold you as my children in love, in light and in joy. Namaste.”

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