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Rainbow Doorway to New Earth Opening Equinox Workshop

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Workshop date: 22 September 2020
Duration approximately: 2.5 hrs
Please note: Video & Audio downloads available.

This workshop is now available on Video and MP3 recording download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 22nd September 2020.

Alphedia Arara has been asked by the consciousness of Mother Earth, known as Gaia, to call forward Light Workers and Earth Healers who are ready to step through the Rainbow Doorway to begin seeding the New Earth into Being.

Those who hold the key to the kingdom, those who choose Ascension as the highest destiny are being called to step through the Rainbow Doorway.

The Rainbow Doorway begins the biological Ascension Process as humanity makes the genetic evolution shift via the 144k DNA root structure of the original tree of life. This Rainbow Doorway opening allows humanity to begin the process to embrace the full truth. It is an invitation to journey between the worlds and to understand the heart-mind process. As we move through this next stage of official resurrection we reawaken within us the Rainbow Light Codes, Temples of Light on the Earth which begin their preparation for re-creation in the higher timeline matrix. Many souls have come onto Earth to be part of this process and as we reunite with the Cosmic Life Force energy, when we step fully through the Rainbow Doorway, the dismantlement of the Old World order begins in earnest in our Earth walk experiences. As those of us who have been through the self initiation process, or who are remembering that’s why they’ve come and are ready to begin, this is what we have been waiting for the opportunity to experience.

In this workshop Alphedia will be channelling the whole experience live from Mother Gaia herself.

  • You will be taken on preparation meditations prior to the Equinox moment at 14.31 pm BST.
  • At the moment of the Rainbow Doorway opening Mother Gaia will lead you through the Rainbow Tunnel to experience the first stage of the New Earth reality.
  • You will be lead into dream state to dream this experience and by which you then create the experience in your daily earth walk reality.
  • You will be not only activating your DNA codes but you will work with the consciousness of the original Tree of Life.
  • This will stir deep recognition and remembrances within your holographic matrix.

New templates open within your consciousness as you return to the heart truths of your soul through meditations, attunements, visualisations and then the Tree of Life healing. You will not only be at the forefront of the new human consciousness creation but begin to embark upon the Biological Ascension Process.

Channelled Message from Mother Gaia

Greetings, greetings, greetings dear ones I call to you. I call to you to remember. I call to you to be ready. For I am ready now to lead you through the Rainbow Doorway. The critical mass has been reached and now it is the pioneer souls who are being called to take humanity to the next stage of their conscious evolution. I am honoured indeed to have your consciousness with me on this journey. I am honoured indeed to support you through this process and working with all the races who are playing their part in the New Earth opening. For you as souls this will open not only the doorway to fulfilling part of your Earth missions but to speed up your physical ascension process. You will remember deep within your souls a stirring of recognition as you come to this place of unlimitedness, as you come to this place of co-creation with me, to dream the new timeline on Earth into physical biological being. Now, many were called to remember but how many will step forth remains to be seen. But I speak from my heart to your heart and know that you are all ready for this final shed, to step into the light, to be bathed in the rainbow love codes and to bring forward your heart missions for the good of all. I call you forth this Equinox point, a point of balance, namaste.”

Alphedia Arara will be supporting your experience through holding high frequency space within a crystalline matrix grid. She will bring forward sound healing codes through the sacred instruments, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and she will work with light language frequencies of transmission. This will be an opportunity like no other, to be at the forefront of Earth healing. No previous experience of Earth healing is required, if your soul has been guided to this offering know that you are ready for this process.

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