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Rainbow Dragons & Unicorns Ascension Healing Workshop

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Join the Rainbow Dragons and Unicorns as they bring forward a transformative healing experience to recalibrate your energy field and upgrade your holographic matrix.

Alphedia Arara, founder of the Dragon Wisdom School and author of Ascending With Unicorns, has been asked to bring forward this beautiful healing workshop from the Rainbow Dragons and Unicorns. This is a soul healing workshop to support you through this intense eclipse period on Earth.

The Rainbow Dragons and Rainbow Unicorns are high frequency beings who carry all the codes of 5th Dimensionality. They are offering to support you at this time in releasing and working energetically with you and your beautiful soul of light to heal any areas that are presenting for you at this time.

In this workshop Alphedia channels through their beautiful soul healing light. She takes you on beautiful attunements and guided meditations with these wonderful high frequency beings. This will bring some calm to your energy field. You will experience illumination about areas you are struggling with at this time, consciously or unconsciously, and bringing in this nurturing rainbow light, which both are guardians of, to support you on the next stage of your Soul Healing work.

The Rainbow Dragons will use their Rainbow light frequency to transform and transmute any density, stuckness within your chakras, within your meridian system and within your auric field and then the Rainbow Unicorns come in with their unconditional Rainbow Love to charge you up with love frequency.

Many of us still struggle with unconditional self love, unconditional worthiness and unconditional Divine Grace and the honouring of who we are as souls. The Rainbow Unicorns will bring forward a transformative healing experience to support you feeling nurtured, feeling safe and feeling deeply honoured and loved by the Divine which will then reflect out into all your daily interactions.

Channeled message from the Rainbow Unicorns and Dragons

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we are honoured indeed to come forward in this collaboration of our energy to take you to this place of deep Soul Ascension healing. We will work on recalibrating your energy field to the new Ascension light frequencies that have been released in the two eclipses this month already and preparing you for the final one in this trinity next month. We will work with our beautiful Rainbow light codes, to not only upgrade your holographic frequency, but to support you on your own inner soul healing journey for you are all unique and the path that you are all on is unique also.

You will have the opportunity to put in your Soul Healing requests, you will have the opportunity to receive guidance and information as well as meeting a personal Rainbow Dragon and Rainbow Unicorn guide who will support you through your Ascension journey on Earth. The energies have been very intense and this is an opportunity for you to be blissed out by high frequency 5th Dimensional light that we come forward to connect you with.

This will be a soothing, nurturing experience and aid you in having clearer direction, understanding and confidence on your path on Earth. You are being asked now to love yourself unconditionally, to open your hearts more fully to the One Heart of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, and to then send that love out into the World at large. We look forward to this beautiful experience and it is a joy and honour for us to work with you. Namaste.”

  • There is a live channeling from the Rainbow Dragons and a live channeling from the Rainbow Unicorns
  • A self realisation exercise, a manifestation time to be honest yourself on how you are feeling and what healing request you wish to put in with the Rainbow Dragons and Unicorns.
  • You will then go on an Ascension Sphere attunement with the Rainbow Dragons and an Ascension Sphere attunement with the Rainbow Unicorns
  • You will then be led on a powerful guided meditation with these beautiful, powerful, Soul Ascension healing Rainbow Dragons and Rainbow Unicorns.
  • You will go to their sacred Temple of Rainbow Light, you will receive a Rainbow colour bath healing as well as an etheric crystal grid healing and Unicorn magic horn healing.

The Dragons will be transmuting and transforming any density in your energy field, any density in your thoughts and emotions and physical form and working on transforming your attitude towards yourself to aid you in moving into unconditional love towards yourself with greater ease.

You will then receive a Dragon Skull healing from Alphedia’s 6inch clear quartz Dragon Skull who is full of Rainbow light frequencies.

As always Alphedia Arara will support your Soul Healing journey with the sacred instruments; Tibetan singing bowls, the crystal singing bowls, percussion and drum and sound voice work.

This is a nurturing Soul Ascension workshop and we look forward to welcome you to take part.

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