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Rainbow Labradorite Crystal Cobra

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Crystal Properties

Labradorite is plagioclase felt feldspar, hardness of 6. This is the stone of magic and it awakens those who work with it to their magical powers. Particularly good for earth healing and opening up the sixth sense, it helps one to go on the journey of self discovery and it is the stone of strength and unity.

It is excellent for those who wish to work with the void energy and it helps with shamans and sorcerers in protection work. It assists one in moving into alternate layers of consciousness and with astral travel. Helps to uncover subconscious beliefs that may be blocking your path as well as the hidden energy disturbance within illnesses.


L: 3.5 cm

H: 5 cm

W: 6.5 cm

Guided meditation to connect with your crystal included

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