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Raven Skulls

Channeled Message from a ruby and zoisite Raven Skull through Alphedia Arara

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am delighted and honoured to be your guardian Raven skull. The Raven skulls were carved as a talisman, to help remind alchemists of the magical energy of the Raven consciousness.

Take a moment now to connect into the Raven consciousness. Start to see or sense our majestic black feathers wrapping around you.Raven energy is very wise, very nurturing, and we have been carved into skull form to assist with protection, deepening understanding with the subtle realms of light, and to take our guardians on a journey to access the inner mysteries within your soul.

We are here for those high level initiates to really do the deep inner mystery work.We are here to assist those who seek the unexplained. But we are here also to aid people in returning back to the light.Skulls offer direction, and a focus.

As you sit and meditate with us, you will journey, for all Raven skulls are journeying skulls. We are here to help you awaken your scrying ability, to help you awaken your alchemical knowledge. And we are here to help you journey to the future realms and to gain understanding from there. It is our privilege to place our consciousness into these stunning crystals. Namaste.”