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Rebirthing the Earth Retreat on Iona : Mary Magdalene & Lord Sananda

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Work with Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene and Lord Sananda and the elemental realms in this unique opportunity for soul healing, and be of service in the rebirthing of the consciousness on Earth.

Alphedia Arara took a group of twenty light workers to the sacred west Scotland Island of Iona during Easter 2017. Iona is one of the heart centres of Mother Earth and the energy here is very unique and blissful for the soul.

Iona is a small Hebridean island located off of the larger island of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. It was a powerful druid centre and later became the founding spot of Christianity in the UK.

Many light workers have spent time on Iona in past lives and this is an opportunity for you to do any personal healing at a soul level as well as to learn earth healing techniques, which you can use in your own locality.

Access all the channelings, teachings, and healings from the reatreat as well as a personal channeled message from either Mary Magdalene or Lord Sananda.

Channeled message from Mary Magdalene

“Greetings, it is an honour to call you to the sacred Island of Iona once again, for here I spent many years studying with the druids, seeking solace and respite.

As you enter through the portal of love that surrounds Iona, crossing the sea, your heart will start to open, and you will start to unravel layers of truth that have been hidden. Deep peace will descend upon you as you step onto the white sand and feel a deep connection to Mother Earth.

Iona is a space provided by Gaia to allow you to feel a deeper connection to her. To allow you to move more fully into Oneness and to open up remembrance of your soul’s journey and reason for being here.

If you feel the call of Iona, myself and Lord Sananda, also known as Jesus, are offering you as Initiates, our wisdom into the subtle alchemies of energetic change that is required to happen on Gaia.

We wish to lead you in a deep connection to your heart, to aid you in releasing ego blocks that stop you loving yourself unconditionally and completely.

We will spend the first two days of the retreat doing deep heart healing, combined with connecting to the dolphins and the whale consciousness. In the latter part we will work with the Dragons to create an energetic Temple of Light on Dun I (the highest hill on Iona).

We will pilgrimage to St Colombus Bay on Easter Sunday and we will work on decoding the negative aspects of Christianity that have unfortunately been affecting the global consciousness. We will assist you in remembering your role in the order of Melchizedek and in the creation of a new global consciousness for humanity.

We will work through meditations and attunements to bring forth the creation of the New Dawn of Light; to create a world through Love. To bring forward templates of change for humanity but also for all the kingdoms of Gaia.

We will work with the crystal skull conclave to download new frequencies and patterns into your DNA structures and also into Gaia herself.

We will work with the mermaids and the mermen, the fairies, the sylphs and the salamanders to bring the four elements back into balance.

Do not underestimate the significance that bringing together a strong team of powerful lightworkers can do to assist all of humanity and affect global processes.

We will attune you to ancient Egyptian rituals that are being held in the temples, energetic initiations which will help free you from karmic cycles, limiting beliefs and blocks in your path of light.

We will also be upgrading the Christ Consciousness codes that you are embodying. Christ Consciousness codes being codes of alchemy, transformation, to allow you to step fully into your self sovereign power.

Lord Sananda will be performing healing on you individually and also talking to you about his original mission to Earth and how he wishes to help humanity once again. Namaste.”

Channeled Message from Lord Sananda

“Greetings, I am honoured indeed to have this opportunity to assist so many of you on this Sacred Land. When I was sent to Earth as the soul you now know of as Jesus Christ, I was sent with a mission, to teach the way. The way really was fifth dimensional conscious understanding.

One of my greatest teachings was to forgive and still this is a teaching that is as relevant today as previously.

I would like to offer you this opportunity to assist with the overlaying of another layer of consciousness. When myself and Mary Magdalene joined together our energies and divine alchemy, we were bringing through codes and frequencies which affected all of humanity.

Even though the religion that has been spawned from my lifetime has lost its way slightly, there is still value in many of the teachings. Although this course is non denominational, it is right that the work is done on this sacred island, for I wish to offer each participant a divine healing.

It was through divine healing that I was able to cure the sick, for I am a powerful alchemist, and so are you all who decide to take part.

For you are ready to remember yourself, you are ready to remember how to manipulate the energy for the highest good.

You are ready to receive the purity of the love and the healing I can offer you.

There will be many initiations that we will take you on, Mary will lead the women on a womb healing and I will lead the men on an activation for their seeds of light. For each man produces seeds of light and yet the knowledge of how to activate fully your seed of light is no longer taught, except in a few ancient tribes.

It is time once again for men to activate their seeds of light and for women to purify their chalice.

The Dolphin Goddess also wishes to come forth to work with you as Initiates of her sacred knowledge. For the dolphins are of key importance for the anchoring and stabilisation of the earth grids and part of this retreat and the rebirthing of the earth is to create a new grid of light.

Many of you have been working on this on your own journeys, whether you’ve been aware of it consciously or unconsciously. We will do an activation to consolidate these changes, for Mother Gaia has decreed that in 2018 a powerful portal will open on the summer solstice and many of your souls have signed up to do this work.

We will have an evening where Alphedia will channel wisdom from the star races so you can hear how they view the work we are doing. Know that if you are called to be present with us everything will fall into place as to how this occurs. Just ask and it shall be given, trust and know that the universe provides when you ask what will it take. I am Lord Sanada. Namaste and Adoni.”
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