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Receiving Abundance Workshop - Goddess Abundantia & Wealth Angels

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The Goddess Abundantia has come forward to continue her series of abundance courses. In this workshop Abundantia and the Wealth Angels are focussing on your ability to receive.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 8th February 2020.

Many of us struggle to receive the Universe’s gifts and to be able to accept the abundance frequency.

In this workshop Alphedia channels Goddess Abundantia live so that she can explain to you what causes the blocks in the receiving frequency. If you are blocked in receiving then this means that the Universe is unable to provide for you the gifts of all that you are manifesting.

Many people are blocked with receiving if there is imbalance with regard to their Divine Masculine, in particular the Divine Father energies.

If you are someone who struggles to receive abundance or struggles having abundance showing up in your life you may be carrying certain frequencies, vows, covenants and agreements that are limiting your ability to receive.

Many of you have been programmed that it is wrong to ask for money, to talk about money or to flout your abundance. All these bring negativity into the wealth cycle so Abundantia joined by the Wealth angels will:

  • work on upgrading your chakras
  • work on group clearings of common thought-forms
  • work on the sacral chakra in particular to be able to clear any blocks to receiving Divine Nurture.

The Masculine and the Feminine are now merging as part of the trinitization process and this affects your abundance frequency too.

Ultimately the Divine Mother wishes to nurture and the Divine Father wishes to take action and to protect.

There will be a further merging of the trinitization process with regards to your wealth frequency and you will be able to move into this place of being able to receive with ease from the Universe.

We work on clearing layers of ancestral karmic patterning and you receive a Wealth Angels Ascension Sphere attunement which allows you to have your own personal healing time with them.

You also go on a powerful channelled guided meditation to the Garden of Abundance, this place of Eden where you will be shown what is holding you back at this time in receiving from the Universe.

You then experience a Wealth Blessing from Abundantia. This Wealth Blessing allows you to see how easy it was for you to receive and how much of this you did receive.

You then have an opportunity to go on a Wealth Ritual to work with the elements to bring you into the alignment of balance with giving and receiving. Some of you may be imbalanced with the giving aspect which is what blocks your receiving aspect.

This is a powerful transmission of healing to assist all.

Channeled message from Goddess Abundantia

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with honour and joy that I come forth again.

This is one of a series of courses I will run through your channel in 2020.

This you may think of as a key preparatory workshop for the Abundance codes opening in August.

Know that you are all Divine children of the light, you all deserve to receive with ease and yet many of you carry blocks that stop this receiving of energy.

For all wealth is energy, all abundance is is energy but if you feel unworthy of receiving, if you feel unloveable, if you feel that you are undeserving, of the Abundance frequency in some level you will block this.

Through the initiations and the healings that we offer you in this session we support you in increasing your wealth frequency, in aligning you with the opportunity to receive greater wealth and abundance and to shift millennia of blocks, conditioning, past life vows that have led you in to stalemate with the Universe.

There is no reason for this to be.

You are ready now in the Wealth Portal to free yourself from these limitations to be able to step out of this disharmonious point and to create the opportunities that allow you to harness, have and receive abundance and wealth in all areas.

It is your choice whether to take action and to harness this offering from Divine Source.

It is an honour, privilege and joy to be of service this way. Adoni.”
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