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Reclaiming Your Galactic Knowledge - Pleiadian High Council Full Moon

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The Pleiadian's give you this opportunity, at the Full Moon, to bring back deep Galactic knowing within your soul and to open up your trust and your intuitive self more fully.

The Full Moon occurred at 13:29 BST this month and is in the sun sign of Aquarius.

The Aquarian energy is about dreaming the higher creation into being and the Pleiadian High Council offers us the opportunity to start the reawakening within our DNA of the Solar Diamond Light Codes.

This offers us all the opportunity to reclaim dormant soul knowledge.

It offers us the opportunity to vibrate at a higher vibratory state and to let go of the lower emotion struggles and thought forms, now that we have birthed through the Eclipse period in July 2019.

  • As always Alpheda channels live from the Pleiadian High Council.
  • Every full moon we have a self realisation exercise, this month it looks at why and what blocks your intuitive guidance and also any resistance within you to carrying the higher light codes.
  • You receive a Pleiadian High Council Ascension Sphere attunement.
  • A full transmission meditation journey with the Pleiadians to do the deep healing that they offer us in this moon cycle and then a discussion of the experience.

The Full Moon workshops are a great opportunity to stay in the cycle of the Astrological shifts that are occurring for Humanity each month and to help support you through the changes that are playing out within the DNA light codes and your soul’s progress.

As always the journey is supported by Alphedia not only channeling their words, but the sound codes and frequencies through the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, the percussion, the elemental chimes and through her voice toning frequencies.

This is a fully immersive healing experience for your soul and no previous experience of working with Starbeings is necessary.

Channeled Message from the Pleiadian High Council

Greetings, greetings, we are the Pleiadian High Council.

We come forward at this Full Moon to assist you all in reclaiming back your Galactic knowledge.

You are all souls who are carrying the Wisdom of the Starseed consciousness within your DNA.

Now the Starseed consciousness is the consciousness of the higher code frequencies.

You have all been sent as Starseeds on to Earth in order to prepare for the coming of the New Dawn of Light.

You are all carrying unique symbols and codes from your Star origins and training through many millennia, and at the end of this Lions Gate’s portal, the start of the Galactic New Year, is heralding in the awakening codes to know this Wisdom once again.

The full moon in Aquarius, the knowing moon, allows you to re re-access the knowledge of your Galactic role, the vibrations and the frequencies that your soul has come forth to impart and to fast track your Ascension Process Journey.

We Pleiadians wish to bring forth a transmission where you are taken into the Sun Alcyone.

Alcyone is your Planetary Sun (Earth’s Great Central Sun) and he is beaming down the Solar Light codes in preparation for the Solar Diamond Activations that your soul will embark upon in the next three years.

It is the beginning of this process and we are offering you all a head start to awaken and remember the Solar Diamond Light Portal within the DNA frequency.

You may wonder what benefit this is to you on your Earth walk at this time?

See it as a refinement of your soul energy frequency. It allows you to open up your psychic gifts and to have a clearer knowledge of what is right for you as a soul journeying forward.

Many of you struggle, at times, with trusting your inner intuition and we will be working with you in refining this skill.

We will work on removal from you of any influences, particularly reptilian and Anunnaki, that are still playing out in your energy field connecting you into morphic grids that do not serve your higher light purpose to be part of these now.

We offer you this further awakening within your DNA which will upgrade your energy field vibration 500% going forth.

This means that you are able to detox yourself from unhelpful habits, food states and mental thought forms and to bring your vibration into the beginning process of this Solar Diamond Light that your DNA is ready to awaken now.

We will be, not only upgrading your vibratory field, your holographic matrix, but also strengthening within you the remembrance of many incarnations on other star systems and the ancient teachings and wisdom that your soul has agreed to carry whilst on the Earth plane to aid, not only with your own soul healing, but to assist with Mother Earth’s healing and also the healing of, and the awakening of, Human Consciousness.

Know, this is another upgrade after the portal of the Lions Gate that is available for those souls who are willing and ready to fully embrace this Ascension process we will be working on aiding you on becoming aware of your lower vibratory frequencies that are keeping you trapped in lower mind sets.

We will see this as a rebirth point for you all after the powerful Eclipse season and building up to the next Eclipse in December 2019.

Know dear ones that we are advanced healers and we will be awakening the Pleiadian Codes of Truth within you.

This is a powerful opportunity for you all to step out of where you are all stuck and to rise into the higher potential of the knowledge that is within you.

It is our honour and joy going forth. Adoni.”
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