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Reclaiming Your Psychic Gifts New Moon Workshop

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Archangels Raziel and Michael have come forth to support you in reclaiming your psychic gifts as we head towards to Equinox Portal.

Alphedia Arara is delighted to bring forward this months New Moon offering, through channeling the energies of Archangel Raziel and Archangel Michael to support you in claiming your psychic gifts and talents. This New Moon in the Earth sign of Virgo occurred at 12 noon BST and the Archangels came forward to support you in being psychic on Earth.

The Earth energy sign of Virgo is allowing you all to reconnect with your physical earthly body and the Archangels are offering to support you in reopening, awakening, and strengthening your psychic communication channels. As we head towards the Equinox Portal where the Gateway to the New Earth starts opening now is the time for all having a physical earth incarnation experience to remember their spiritual souls. The portals of death and resurrection have been passed through at the 8:8 point this year. This New Moon in Virgo is preparing you to choose the Ascension Path and to live it to its fullest.

Alphedia Arara channels live Archangel Raziel and Archangel Michael as they work on awakening your clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance once again so that you are able to have and begin the journey of communication with the other realms in fuller form. You have placed all the energetic structures in place and now as the Golden Gateway of the Heart begins to reopen, remembrance will flood back to you of your abilities to use telepathy, intuition and to take time to receive knowledge psychically to assist you on your mission on Earth and to heal your lives in physical form.

As always at the New Moons, Alphedia leads you through a New Moon blessing and manifestation ritual. You will be able to receive guidance on your psychic communication health, identifying what blocks your sixth sense at this time. You will receive a sixth sense attunement with the Ascension Spheres as well as being taken on a powerful guided channelled live meditation transmission from the Archangels who will work on supporting you in coming back into your spiritual power, by reclaiming your sixth sense abilities. Many of you shut down your sixth sense talents unconsciously and we will work with the Archangels to look at the drivers for this. To rescind any vows, covenants, deeds, agreements and contracts you made to be subservient and disempowered on Earth consciously or unconsciously.

The Archangels will also prepare you for being able to handle the influx of light information that will be coming forth from the Equinox Portal and you will receive deep soul healing to assist any karmic processing that is still in place. This is an opportunity for us all to step into the awakened conscious living experience that the Ascension Process now offers all. Within the physical realm see the evidence of the divide between those choosing to move forward into the New Earth Matrix on the Path of Ascension and those choosing to stay experiencing third dimensional “service to self” Earth experiences.

The New Moon gong bath integration is channeled and played by Auraengus Manu to seal your New Moon manifesting experience and healing.

This Virgo New Moon starts the process of the tipping point on Earth. Mars is now resident in Aires meaning that conflicts and clashes will be coming to a head. This is playing out on the world scale and those who are ready to become fully psychic again are offered this powerful experience to start the journey in this New Moon Portal

Channeled Message from Archangel Raziel:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am known as the Archangel of Wizardry, the Archangel of Alchemy, but also I am an Archangel of Soul Ascension. Many of you have not been ready to work with me yet and I am very honoured and super delighted to have this experience to offer you the opportunity to step further into self mastery and power. You are all ready for your sixth sense to be amplified, you are all ready to trust it and to heal any reservations you have of living through psychic, intuitive abilities. Know that this New Moon is supporting all those who are the Way Show-ers, the Star Seeds, the Earth Keepers, the Ascension Pioneers. And myself and Archangel Michael, who is often given the title of Archangel of the Life Purpose, are here to support you. We will be anchoring the Blue Ray frequencies into your pineal glands, we will be supporting you in reconnecting with the Blue Ray life force, which you can work with to dissolve away lower frequencies from your matrix.

We will be teaching you how to work with the Blue Ray codes to elevate the vibration of your sacred spaces and those you are living with at this time. We will also support you with performing psychic surgery on the chakras. This will enable you to break out of Earth Plane limitations and more easily connect with the higher self, I am presence. Many on the Earth Plane are becoming frustrated, angry even at their lack of spiritual progression. For some they are trying to progress through mainstream religious orders, others are trying to manifest but are allowing earth dogma and structures and the mind to overrule the psychic potential within. We will be working on bringing closure to all this to help you be as prepared as you can be for the Rainbow Gateway opening at the Equinox moment. No matter what time you are ready, and what year or month you are ready to step through, the Rainbow Gateway it is always open from this point. Namaste. “

As always Alphedia Arara facilitates this workshop with the sacred instruments, the Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls and percussion so you will experience beautiful sound bath healing through this process also.

Know that you are all beautiful souls of light and are honoured for who you are always.

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