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Refining Your DNA With The Sirians

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This exciting workshop gives you the opportunity to work with the Sirian Star Beings who assist in upgrading and defining your DNA signature.

In this exciting workshop facilitated by intergalactic channel Alphedia Arara, you are introduced to the energy signature of the Sirians, and given a brief history of their work, to date, on Planet Earth, which was all channeled live on the day.

  • You are taken on a Sirian ascension sphere attunement to help you familiarise yourself with their energy.
  • You go on a self realisation exercise to state your intent of what you wish to let go of or gain.
  • You go on a guided mediation with the Sirians to clear and cleanse your Chakra system and to prepare it for the DNA upgrade.
  • Alphedia channels through codes and frequencies from the Sirians using the sacred Tibetan singing bowls and you will go on a journey to meet your own personal Sirian star being guide that is willing to be assigned to you to assist you, with your light work, here on planet Earth.
  • Alphedia channels through from the Sirians the answer to questions you have to ask them about your progress, here on Earth.
  • Alphedia also works with the Sirian star essences and Sirian crystal skulls who she channeled on the day.

Channeled message from the Sirians

To listen to the channeled Message from the Sirians click here

We wish to offer humanity at this time an opportunity to refine your DNA codes. Your medical science only understands a tenth of what the DNA does, within the human body. But what the DNA represents is a portal into the other realm, yet your DNA as a race, as many of you are aware has been corrupted since the times of Atlantis times.

Many of you are still carrying Atlantean trauma and now by, the astrological alignments giving you the opportunity to bring higher frequency Divine light into being, you can now step onto the path to refine your DNA.

You may ask ‘What is the benefit to me doing this?’. Well, think of yourself as a piano, and think of a piano when it sounds flat, currently your signature note for your DNA holds its own vibrational sound signature, currently it is flat and we are offering to fine tune this so its sings at a higher frequency.

This will allow you to have a greater connection and remembrance to your soul essence. It will allow you to feel happier and more confident about your path, it will allow you to move more easily out of 3rd dimensional dramas and it will allow you greater health.

For some of you a detox will ensue after this workshop but this is beneficial as it will aid you in clearing out toxins that are stored deep within your cellular structures.

In essence it will be an opportunity for an energy upgrade which will allow you to open up more psychically and see things from a higher perspective opening doors in all areas of your life that have only been partially open or shut up until this point.

I am Sirian High Commander from Sirius B and my name is Matokn and I will facilitate and oversee this deep deep energetic healing workshop for you. Blessed be earthlings, blessed be."
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