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Releasing Childhood Conditioning Archangels Raphael and Zadkiel Meditation

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This meditation is with the powerful healing angels Archangel Raphael and Archangel Zadkiel to assist you in releasing childhood conditioning.

In these popular monthly angel meditations experienced angel channeler Alphedia Arara brings forth the angels energies, channeling also the Tibetan singing bowls, drum, chimes, as well as voice toning activations.

You will experience a profound shift at a soul level to aid you on your ascension path.

Channeled Message

Greetings, we are two of the most powerful Archangels and we are ready to assist humanity this month in releasing childhood trauma and conditioning.

Up until the age of 3 a child is conditioned by their experiences, a box if you will is created around you and this forms your outlook and your thought processing.

However, as you increase in vibration and as you become more aware in consciousness you will struggle with some of the conditioning that has been placed into you at this early time period of which you are unable to remember.

All through childhood further experiences and conditioning comes from not only parents, family, and friends, but also teachers, doctors, business and media.

Many souls are calling out to be released from these belief patterns as well as painful memories and emotions as bright souls of light.

Archangel Zadkiel offers to run the violet flame of purification down through your memory line freeing you from hooks and cords from others and others agendas.

Archangel Raphael, the powerful healing angel wishes to heal any trauma and pain, any illness, miasms and fear conditioning. You will go on a journey to an 8th dimensional Temple of Light.

Where they will, along with their angels, place you in a chamber where your soul can communicate with them what it wishes to release.

What is not serving it, and to be shown any karma that is still to be cleared. The angels will then work on releasing you from this karma and any self pity, fear, anger, hurt, jealousy, envy, and sorrow.

This will be an upgrade to your chakra system – up to the 12th chakra – and also a healing of the root chakra.You will work with us to give your soul the best possibility to achieve its Divine life path and to free you from conditioning and restraints that have been placed upon you and upon yourself.

Meditation is a powerful tool to release you at a vibrational level from that which has been stifling or hindering you so far. Know that even if you are in a good place with happiness and joy there are always many layers to clear.

We advise against complacency in your spiritual work. For another high frequency portal is opening on the 12th of September. Those who are prepared for it will find themselves able to cope with these shifts and avoid the dramas which will play out in the 3rd dimensional realm.

We angels love and support you always and are aiding you at this time. It is our honour and it is our pleasure. Namaste, namaste.”
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