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Remembering Your Dragon Soul Wisdom Transmission

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Live on Vimeo Video and/or Downloads (Audio and Video) after event

Saturday 1st June 2024

8.00pm – 9.00pm BST

£25 or £30 in Vat in UK

Join Alphedia Arara, founder of the Dragon Wisdom School, in this powerful hour’s channelled transmission from the Dragons to assist us in remembering our Dragon Soul Wisdom.

The Dragons are wise and ancient magical beings who live in many dimensions and they are able to shift energy with ease.

Many of us have been chosen by the Dragon Realm in previous lives to learn their magical ways, great spiritual teachings, their healing arts and to be ambassadors for their Realm.

In this incarnation the Dragons have returned to human consciousness in our meditations, healings, dreams and transfer to us their wisdom and knowledge to support Planet Earth with her great ascension and to aid us in our evolution of consciousness.

In this series of 6 fortnightly transmissions the Dragons wish to return us to our full power as Dragon Wisdom Keepers.

In this series of transmissions the Dragons will be aiding us in remembering our work with the Dragons in the past, our unique speciality of dragon magic we were gifted, what our role for working with the Dragons is in this incarnation and new healing frequencies they wish to offer us to upgrade our soul evolution journey

Alphedia Arara has been a channel for the Dragon realm for 16 years and many around the world have benefited from her channelled Dragon meditation offerings, healings and transmissions.

During a Dragon transmission your multi dimensional self will be worked on giving you a fully transcendental meditation experience.

You will be immersed in sound healing frequencies, Dragon light language activations and astrally travel into other dimensions and Dragon portals to have lucid meditation journeys that heal you at a cellular level, activate dormant knowledge stored in your soul and awaken deep remembrances to aid you in your life.

In this transmission from the Dragons you will meet different types of dragons, they will open up your Dragon Akashic records and allow you to explore what knowledge you wish to have reawoken within you.

The Dragons will tell you why they called you forth to join them and what Dragon soul wisdom they feel would be beneficial for you to reclaim.

They long to deepen their connection with us Dragon initiates in human form to support the evolution of human consciousness and planet Earth and more importantly to assist us in the next stage of our soul evolution going forth.

Signs the Dragons are calling to you to remember your Dragon soul wisdom

Dragons are appearing in your thoughts, meditations, healing sessions, visualisations and your dreams.

You feel a deep connection with the Dragons and a longing to have more of their energy in your life.

You have a strong belief in Dragons reality in other dimensions and their ability to help you in any area.

You feel interested, excited and encouraged to learn more about Dragons and curious to know if you have connected with them in the past and what work you have done together.

You wish to know more about who you are, skills and talents you have to offer and the potential working Dragons can have to assist you in your life.

You feel a calling to be of service some way and to live a life beyond what society tells you is possible with magical encounters with the beautiful Dragon realm

In this transmission:

Alphedia Arara will channel the Dragon realm live so we can receive direct guidance from them about the transmission.

We will have a silent meditation Dragon attunement in the Ascension Spheres to raise our energy vibration before the transmission.

Alphedia will then lead us on a channelled live Dragon transmission taking us astrally into the Dragon realms so we can access our Dragon Akashic records and remember our Dragon Soul Wisdom.

You will meet many dragons, experience their healing frequencies and have a truly transcendental meditation journey that will transform your energy field and life going forth.

This will be all support by Alphedia channeling live sound healing codes through her amazing collection of Tibetan singing bowls and percussion along with Dragon Light Language keys.

Channelled Message from the Dragons

“Greetings we the Dragons are delighted to have this opportunity to bring through new transmissions to help you deepen your connection with the Dragon realm.

Many of you are ready to access fully your Dragon Akashic records, not only of your connections with Dragons when on Earth but in other dimensions and locations also.

By remembering your Dragon soul wisdom you allow yourself to access the magic of this ancient powerful realm.

You can become illuminated, expanded in consciousness, spiritually powerful and amplify your healing gifts and talents.

You will have received in the past many advanced trainings from us in the Dragon realm, have met with many Dragon allies and guides and be party to our sacred wisdom and knowledge held by only the highest level of initiates.

We are excited and ready to work with you all again at this deep soul level and assist you in remembering your purpose in this incarnation and how working with us can break down blocks and barriers, open doorways and return you to inner soul satisfaction and purpose.


Remembering Your Dragon Soul Wisdom Channelled Transmission

Saturday 1st June 2024

8.00pm – 9.00pm BST

£25 or £30 in Vat in UK

Recorded Option

A link to the MP3 audio recording and the video of the workshop will be sent to you after the audio and video files have been processed.

Select After Event option when booking.

Please read the About Workshops page for more details.

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

Be kind to yourself after, make space for the changes in your body and energy field.In order to get to the most of the experience if you chose to watch live, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Use the Vimeo app on phone or preferably desktop, enable chat before you log on.

Depending on your strength of broadband and WiFi signal, will depend on the quality of the experience live, best to be connected with laptop or computer with a wired network connection.

However the levels will all be adjusted and set perfectly for you in the MP3 transmission that will be available for download afterwards.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at [email protected]

Technical issues: [email protected] +447799963882

Auraengus Manu is a Healer, Homeopath, Gong Master, Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Soul and Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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