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Resurrection Codes New Moon Solar Eclipse Workshop

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This transmission will upgrade your vibrational frequency 150% and support you as you commit to Inner Resurrection, moving further out of the inverted matrix and into full light embodiment of the Christed Light within.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse took place on the 21st June 2020 at 7:39am BST with the New Moon in Cancer at 7.41am BST.

Alphedia Arara channelled this workshop as part of the Earth Healing Solstice & New Moon Eclipse Retreat.

In this workshop she channels the Egyptian deities Lord Osiris, Sun God Ra, Horus and Goddess Isis, offering you a unique opportunity to radically and comprehensively transform your holographic matrix and move further into soul mastery.

Many of you began your Inner Soul Resurrection journey in September 2019 and this is an opportunity to further your Soul’s Inner Resurrection work.

This Resurrection is the process of moving further into the Crystalline body matrix. Activating your DNA light codes to a higher calibration and supporting you in releasing yourself from the lower frequencies of Third Dimensionality and further into Unification with Divine Source.

It is an opportunity for cellular regeneration and resurrection in all the areas of life you bring forward to the table. The Resurrection codes offer for you not only transformation within vibrationally, deepening your closeness with Divine but also a return to former glory in your purity as a soul, a spark of the Divine Light within.

This transmission upgrades your vibrational frequency 150% and supports you as you commit to inner Resurrection moving further out of the inverted matrix and into full light embodiment of the Christed light within. The Christed Light being the pure high frequency understanding and embodiment of Divine Love.

  • This workshop starts with an invocation and tuning in meditation.
  • Alphedia then channels God Osiris live.
  • You set your New Moon healing intentions and wishes as well as your soul manifestations in this powerful portal time.
  • You experience a Resurrection Codes Ascension Sphere attunement as well as an activation from the Resurrection Egyptian God himself, Osiris.
  • You are led on a live channeled guided meditation and deep healing to connect with the resurrection Deities of Egypt.

You are taken on a transmission for healing into the Sphinx for here the Akashic records of the old Earth are stored. New chambers will open up for you to gain access to and to assist you with the creation with the New Earth Dream.

New moons are always a good time to manifest the new into reality and you will already have been led through a New Moon wishes exercise by Alphedia so that you already are aware of what your heart is wishing to manifest at this time, not only for you but for your Monadic group and for Mother Earth as well. You experience teachings you may have forgotten and you re-birth anew.

Through this transmission you will receive upgraded Resurrection Light Keys which will help you, particularly if you’ve been struggling to move out of old patterned ways of being, to step through with ease into your higher Multidimensional Consciousness.

The energies of this New Moon Eclipse in Cancer are supporting the return of the true Divine Masculine Template to be anchored onto the Earth. You work with the Sun God Ra to reconfigure and recalibrate the Divine Masculine template within you, whether you are Male or Female in this incarnation. This is done through the Ruby Ray and the Christed Light Grid.

This also helps you connect more deeply with the crystalline grids of the Earth, allowing you to activate with greater ease when you go to sacred sites, not only the Emerald Cities and Temples but the creation of the Ruby Ray Cities of Light.

The workshop is completed by a beautiful Gong Bath from Auraengus to anchor the New Moon Eclipse Light Codes onto Earth and to rebalance, ground and integrate you from this wonderful experience.

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