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Returning to Earth with Great God Pan & Fairy Queen Titinius Full Moon

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This moon is about earthing ourselves, grounding ourselves into the new matrix, and deepening our connection with the Nature Guardians.

Join Alphedia Arara to celebrate the final Full Moon of 2020. This Full Moon is traditionally known as the Cold Moon and is occurring in the earth sign of Cancer at 03.16 am GMT on the 30th of December 2020.

We will be honouring the Full Moon in its build up with the powerful deities the Great God of Nature Pan and the Fairy Queen Mother Titinius who helped Alphedia write a chapter in her first book Messages from Natures Guardians. The double earth sign of this Full Moon is supporting us in grounding into the New Earth template and the New Age of Aquarius that we entered at the Solstice Point.

In this workshop, we will be receiving deep healing from not only Pan and Titinius but also the Elemental Kingdom at large. This moon is about earthing ourselves, grounding ourselves into the new matrix, and deepening our connection with the Nature Guardians. We will be working with the Green Ray energies as well as meeting new elemental guides and guardians.

As always at the Full Moon:

  • Alphedia will bring forward an invocation to connect you in with the Full Moon energies.
  • You will go on a guided meditation to open your chakras and auric field, clearing out any lower energy frequencies.
  • Alphedia Arara will channel live on the evening Great God Pan and you will be lead on the Full Moon self realisation exercise to look at self care and being more earthed in your physical bodies whilst still in a fifth dimensional consciousness.

Now that we have birthed into the Aquarian age, your physical body will require support and healing to hold your higher vibration matrix. The powerful healers from the elemental realm and the great god Pan will be providing you with this earthing Nature Spirits healing experience.

You will look at (in your self realisation) the areas of your physical body or the way you view your physical body that requires a change of attitude and more support.

You will receive a Great God Pan and a Fairy Queen Titinius Ascension Sphere attunement before being led on a powerful, channelled, guided meditation for this Full Moons energy.

This will be a beautiful way to celebrate the final moon of 2020, supported as always by sound healing from the sacred instruments and light language through Alphedia Arara.

Channelled Message from Great God Pan:

“Greetings, greetings, I am Pan. It is an honour and joy for me, the god of nature, to come forward and I bring with me the Queen Mother of the Fairies. For this Cancer moon, Cancer is the sign of the great mother, and it is about you honouring Mother Earth, honouring your Earth template, your physical body and revitalising it, recharging it, nurturing it and healing it going forward. We will work on glandular healing and organ strengthening and we will work on assisting you in detoxifying.

Fairy Queen Titinius will bring through a ceremony of loving your physical body.
Body image is something that many high vibrational souls have difficulty with whilst incarnating on Earth so self love, self care, and body love are vital in this earthing process. We will look at undoing your conditioned beliefs about your body and also looking at ways to support your physical body as the light quotient increases on Earth. As you transmute and transform you learn how to regenerate and revive your physical body structure.Know that this will be a beautiful way to close off the energies of 2020, a year where you have been devoid of physical touch, air (through your mask wearing), restricted on your travel, because of a virus that attacks the body and the heart centre. So it is all about earthing into the body, opening the heart and recognising and remembering the truth of who you are as you rebirth, blessed be.”

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