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Sacred Heart Within

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In this beautiful workshop the energies of Mary Magdalene, Goddess Kwan Yin and Mother Mary have stepped forward to assist humanity at this time in opening and reconnecting to the Sacred Heart within.

Alphedia Arara was asked to run this special workshop on aiding souls that are ready to access their Sacred Heart wisdom.

Many humans are ready now to live from this place of the Sacred Heart and as the consciousness of the planet increases we are ready for the next stage of the unfolding of heart centred consciousness.

The Sacred Heart within is a place that all humans have be they male or female. It is a place of deep love, a place of deep wisdom, a place of deep honouring of thyself. Many people at this time are feeling lost or as if they know there is a part of themselves they are not connecting with and this is the Sacred Heart.

This workshop allows you to fully feel deep, deep love and through accessing this part of thyself you will start to notice changes and healings within your relationship with family, friends and children, within romantic relationships, within the relationship with yourself, within the relationship with the planet, the natural environment.

And from this place of the Sacred Heart you are able to release fear; you are able to release constraints that have stopped you in your life up until this point.

The energies of 2015 harnessed this Sacred Heart energy, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene wish to assist in bringing through Sacred Heart activation, healing meditations and channeled wisdom to aid you in your soul growth, to aid you in experiencing the fullest form of love and joy on the planet.

They say humanity is ready for this again and that you deserve to be loved and to be in a state of blissful love at all times. For many this would seem like an impossibility but it is true for the state of love comes from within and they offer you the key now to open up to the sacred heart wisdom, this wisdom that connects you to Mother Earth deeply and to her inhabitants. It is a place that many are searching for but few choose to go to.

This initiation is powerful and those who are ready will hear the call.

Know that if this speaks to you, you are ready, your soul is calling for it.

This workshop was channeled live on the day by Alphedia Arara who held a sacred space in order for you to allow the transformation in your own heart to occur.

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