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Samhain Spirit Guide Workshop

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Alphedia Arara helps you change your frequency to assist you to make contact with Spirit more easily, with exercises to help you see, hear, feel and know more clearly the wisdom that they wish to impart to you.

To celebrate this Celtic New Year Sabbat Samhain (Halloween), when the veils between the other Realms and us on Earth are thinnest, Alphedia Arara takes you on a journey to meet your Spirit Guides.

Now Spirit Guides are different to Angels, they can be departed family members who are now watching over you from the other Realms.

They can be souls who have decided not to elect to return to Earth, but to stay on in a Guide capacity, but have experienced Earth Walk.

They can be Animal Spirit Guides, guides who are coming to you as totem animals or previous pets but also they can be members of Sidhe Fairies, the Elven Ones and part of the Royal Court and part of the Devic Realm.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara helps you connect with whatever Spirit Guides are wishing to make themselves known to you now, to remind you of your connection with them and to aid you and assist you in knowing who they are and remembering their presence.

Through meditation you get to meet them and receive wisdom about why they are with you and how they can assist you in areas of your life.

You will set an intention plan with your Spirit Guides to aid you with whatever you are wishing to manifest at this Sabbat point.

There is also a healing exercise to aid you in receiving healing from your Guides, for they have chosen you, and you on a higher level have chosen them, to be part of your Guardian Team whilst experiencing this Earth walk journey.

As this is the start of the Pagan new year, a new turn of the Celtic Wheel, this is an opportunity to look at what you wish to manifest in to being at this time.

This is a celebratory Sabbat and a wonderful opportunity for you to meet and connect again with members of your Spiritual Guidance Team.

Channeling from Alphedia Arara’s Inuit Spirit Guide

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am an Inuit Indian. I have been Alphedia’s Spirit Guide for six incarnations.

I chose to take on this role as we were dear friends during an incarnation on Earth.

I decided that I no longer wish to come physically on to Earth to embody, but would rather still be part of the Earth experience through my friend Alphedia.

Your Spirit Guide can change and you may have more than one.

You may have a family member, you may have a spirit animal, you may have someone like me who has chosen to no longer reincarnate onto the karmic cycle of Earth.

If you are a member of the Fey of the Devic Realm you may have a spirit guide from your clan and know this is a wonderful opportunity for us to come forward and to connect with you harnessing the thinner veils, it’s where the world between the physical and the unseen blur.

This is the opportunity for you to heighten your psychic abilities and gifts and to be – for the being-ness is so important at this time. Blessed be."
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